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Boycott Kroger

Translation: "Seeking scabs, people willing to put up with being abused while we fight with people who refused to be abused any longer."

Support unions: don't be a scab, and don't shop at FredMeyer's or any other Kroger owned store until the dispute is settled! That includes QFC, Dillons, Food 4 Less, and a bunch of others.

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My Process of cooking:

1. look at what's available, ingredient wise.
2. What dishes do we need for that?
3. All the dishes needed are dirty, have been for approximately four weeks because of depression and mourning tag teaming me like a pair of luchadors beating up a toddler.
4. What else can we make? Oh hey, there's a mostly clean plate in the living room corner, we can make eggs.
5. Pan is passably clean. Omlette time!
6. Clean a butter knife that doesn't have sludge on it, for the butter.
7. Bring out all the ingredients. Onions, peppers, broccoli, mushrooms, ham, and eggs.
8. Realize I don't have the energy to cut any of that up. Put it all back but the eggs and butter.
9. There's grease on the burner. It makes fire and smoke when turned on. Put eggs and butter back.
10. Sandwich! Ham, bread, mayo, cheese, lettuce, pickles, olives!
11. Wait, most of those things require cutting, which we don't have the energy for. Put back everything but the ham, bread, pickles, and mayo.
12. Drop the butter knife behind the stove because I had it balanced precariously on a bottle. Put mayo back.
13. Mustard and ham sandwich with pickles!
14. Frustration and despair from dropping the knife and losing it, plus no other clean silverware, means getting pickle slices out is too much hassle. Put it back.
15. Oh joy, ham and mustard sandwich, which will last me maybe an hour before I get hungry again. I simply do not know what to do with all this fun I'm having. /Sarcasm
16. Go back to #1 an hour later.

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Jeez fuckin louise

This abled dingleberry on the bus just now tried messing with someone's wheelchair, trying to be "helpful." I told him "Leave her alone. If she wants help, she'll ask for it." Thankfully, he stopped without issue. Able bodied people: unless a disabled person asks for help, leave them the fuck alone! You're probably okay asking, but don't touch them or their stuff without their permission! Why is this a difficult concept for so many people?

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My tweets

Ugh blah

Ugh. Dunno why I decided to travel 90 minutes by bus on just 3 hours sleep. Two people on last bus were talking loudly the whole trip, it took all my self control not to hiss loudly at them like an angry cobra or tell them to shut the fuck up. Trip back is gonna suck too, but in that instance I'll probably take the max. Faster and - barring overcrowding - less annoying than the bus.

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Dear fellow white people:

The difference between racism against people of color and “racism” against white people is this: Racism against people of color gets people killed, ruins lives, costs people their jobs, fills their every day with fear for the future, and costs people their freedom in many ways (including but not limited to being convicted of a crime they didn’t commit just because racist white people can’t be bothered to tell people of color apart from one another). It gets their problems ignored because nobody in a position of power cares about their struggles. The smallest of racist words contribute to the fear and the violence of their daily lives.

Whereas “racism” against white people just hurts some people’s feelings once in a while. There are literally no other consequences. At all. You’re not going to lose your job because someone doesn’t like that you’re white. Your life and the lives of your family and friends are not going to be under threat because someone made a joke about you being white. You’re not going to be mistaken for some white criminal and thrown in prison, convicted, even possibly given the death penalty while all your pleas of innocence are ignored, (or just straight up killed before you could be taken into custody just because of your skin color) because you happen to be white. If you’re poor, it has nothing to do with the fact that you’re white (I know, I *am* an impoverished white person). You’re not going to get captured by ICE and crammed in a tiny, overcrowded cell to possibly catch deadly diseases, because you’re white. (Unless you get mistaken for a person of color.) You’re not going to be deported to a country you’ve never been to and couldn’t even locate on a map because you’re white.

This is why we need a different term for “racism” against white people. Because it is not at all the same thing. Nowhere even close. Because nothing anyone says against you because you’re white is ever going to have any impact on your life beyond maybe your feelings getting hurt, because they have no power over you. Racism is only racism if the person being racist has the power of a racist system behind them to oppress you. Otherwise it’s just someone venting their spleen against their oppressors. (If it helps you understand, then in those last two sentences, replace “oppressor” with “abuser.” Because oppression is to abuse as genocide is to murder.)

So suck it up, buttercup, and stop calling it racism if a person of color doesn’t like you because you’re white. Because nothing they say can ever do more than hurt your feelings. And if your feelings are hurt by someone not liking you because - being white - you look like one of their oppressors/abusers, then either start dedicating your life to trying to improve their situation, or shut the fuck up.

*mic drop*

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Been wanting a costume wand for some time, because my actual wand is curly, has some pyrite crystals in it that supercharge the thing, and so it doesn't stow well. Just so happened to find a nice wand stick outside on the way from Walgreens today. It had fallen off a tree recently enough to be strong, it was dry and rot free, and most of the bark had already come off. Will have to cut a couple bits off for reasons, and I'm sanding it smooth. Will need to be stained and sealed eventually. But otherwise perfect, like it was meant to be with me.

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