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I just *had* to go out today. To the library. Missed the bus because I had to go back for the bus pass, which ended up not being necessary because I have some old tickets in my "purse." (Leather bag I wear with a belt, like a cross between a purse and a fanny pack.) Had the bright idea to walk to Sandy instead of waiting for the next bus, which took longer than waiting for the bus would have, and left me winded. (Uphill walk.) It started to rain while I was on the bus to the library, and wouldn't you know it? I forgot my little folding umbrella at home (it had been hanging up to dry). I made it to the library relatively dry(ish), just in time to get the book I had on hold waiting for me. But the rain came down harder. I ran for Rite Aid and bought another mini umbrella. At the very least, now I can alternate umbrellas, putting the dry one in my bag while the wet one hangs to dry.

Haven't been writing lately, like I should, so from there I went to the Fred Meyer's at the corner of 39th and Hawthorne. Didn't realize the significance of being here on a Wednesday until I saw the "game night" Meetup group in the middle of the seating area. Them, plus the regulars who come for the wifi, means the only open spot to sit with access to a wall outlet is over by the TV. And eventually the American Idol/America's Got Talent people who don't seem to have their own TVs will come in and, insipid as those shows are, the pull would be too strong to ignore, even if I hadn't forgotten my headphones at home. So I'm currently sitting in a booth as far from the TV as possible, using the 3 or 4 hour battery life of the laptop. Which works out okay; my ass can only take the hard wooden seats for about that long. Having never tried to sit on a booth seat for that long, I don't know how they compare to the wooden (but padded) seats. We shall see.

Anyway, gonna try for writing now. It should work. LiveJournal has been dull as shit lately, and they have scheduled maintenance anyway, so I don't know if this one will even go through. And the only other thing I've been doing online lately, Backyard Monsters on Facebook, doesn't work right on this laptop anyway. And I need some active fantasy now. Writing used to be an escape for me. I want it to be an escape again. I just need to keep that in mind.

Oh, and what the hell is with socks always falling apart at the toes? I get so tired of holey socks.

At least I've gotten out of the house. That's something I need to do more of. I also need to let Molly out to play more. I miss her energy.

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