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The Harry Potter movies 3 and higher kinda suck.

Taken from a comment I made at doctorwho =

Ugh, the Harry Potter movies. The first two were good, all of them should have been made by Chris Columbus. The third was horrible, and each movie just gets worse and worse. Especially annoying is all the shit they change and shit they add.

And while I like David Tennant, casting him as Crouch Junior was a horrible decision; Crouch junior was supposed to protest innocence and make everyone who heard his protestations feel so full of pathos for him that they'd be like, "He couldn't possibly have been a death eater!" But the movie went completely in the opposite direction!
Even worse was showing his face early into the movie. It was supposed to come as a real surprise that he was the villain!

But yeah, I hate the Harry Potter movie adaptations from #3 on forward. They're not as bad of adaptations of a book as the Wizard of Oz movie was (gods, what a horrible movie! Made no frakking sense at all!), but they come close.

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Ugh, don't even get me started on Dumbledore. It's a real shame that Richard Harris died, because he was PERFECT for the role. I even picture him in my head when reading the other books. But Michael Gambon's portrayal of Dumbledore, ugh. Not only does he not look the part (his face is too mean-looking and angry-looking; Dumbledore's face is supposed to look kindly and calm, and amused.), but he obviously has no idea what his character's, well, character is. He plays Dumbledore like he's a crotchedy old man who gets pissy and yells at kids every chance he gets, which is not what Dumbledore is like at all.

I tried watching movie #6 the other day, and couldn't finish it. The dialogue was so forced and atrocious that it was painful. So much had been changed that the story no longer made any sense, very important scenes were left out or so heavily modified that they looked nothing like the original, and the cabinet was spotted AND mentioned by Harry! Again, the mistake of revealing too much from the onset.

Movies #3 and later would be more true to the books if an army of chimps had written the screenplay and then directed it. I'm of the opinion that all the movies need to be remade and directed by Chris Columbus. (I say "all" because now they've fucked this series over so badly, we need to start all over from scratch, with new kids playing the trio).

About the only thing the later movies did RIGHT was the casting of Luna Lovegood.

Gods, I could write a book about all the aggravating changes made in the movie versions. If I were Rowling, I'd be even more pissed. Fuck... if any of my stuff ever gets popular enough to get movie offers, I'm turning them all down, and putting it in my will that no movies based on my writing should ever be made, because movie adaptations of books almost always suck.

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