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Today was... interesting.

So I got up at 9 AM this morning so I could get to the UU church on time. (Hour to get ready, the rest of that time to get there.) Thing is, while I left the same time as last week, the 71 was a bit slow today due to rare traffic congestion, and I missed the 12. Though Google Maps and Trimet had both said to try the 20 if I missed the 12, I tried the MAX instead. That was a mistake. I could have taken a green line train, but I had no idea where to get off at and probably would have been late anyway due to all the walking from where I estimated the green line went. Blue line showed up 4 minutes later, and gods, it was slow today. Mostly because of fucktons of people doing a "race for the cure" thing, but also there were unexplained times when the doors were closed but the train just sat there for several minutes. Oh, and the crushing mass of homo sapiens was not fun. I don't much care for strangers to begin with, but ye Gods that sardine-can feeling really sucks. Why is it always Sunday they do these people-heavy events on? Why not Saturday, when I don't travel? Fuck. And I hate weekend travel in Portland anyway. For some reason, the buses and trains don't run as often on the weekends, which makes no sense to me; you'd think there would be more people traveling on the weekends. I know, I know, supposedly more people ride the public transit on the weekdays to work than to places for play, but I really must question whether that's because they do so anyway, or because Trimet buses and trains don't run as often on weekends. (Kind of a chicken/egg question.) My suspicion is that more people would use Trimet if the weekend schedule was the same as the weekday schedule.

Anyway... I finally arrived at the UU church about 5 minutes late. Which meant I had to go up into the balcony. Now, I am terribly afraid of heights, and even being as far away from the edge as I could and still be able to see, I was distracted by fear through the whole service. Intellectually, I knew it wasn't far enough to die from if I fell, unless I landed on my head, but emotionally I just wanted to flee. So, never going up there again. I think next week, I'm going to get up 15 minutes earlier and leave before 10, so I'm not late. I'll probably be 45 minutes early, but better that than the balcony again.

I was a little naughty after the service. There's this booth down in the social area after the service called First Share that gives away free vegetables; people donate veggies that are excess from their gardens and it's given away. Which means HUGE zucchinis tend to be common giveaways. Every week, I get one of these zucchini. And, despite having had 2 and a half uncooked zucchini already, I was slightly naughty and took one fully twice the size of any previous ones. Seriously, this one is big and heavy enough that one could probably kill somebody with it by bashing them on the head with it. It's so big, I couldn't put it in my fridge; not enough room.
Oh, don't get me wrong; I love zucchini, and even if I don't use it, I can give it to Brooke, who will use it, or share with her. So it will get used.

After the service, I went to Central Library to look at their only copy of "Barlowe's Guide to Extraterrestrials," since it's a reference book and thus cannot be checked out. It was a fascinating read, with awesome illustrations. I sat there reading it and occasionally writing down new aliens it inspired, or neat features I thought would be good to use in aliens. I got to the library about 12:30 pm, and was there - reading that book - until a little after 4 pm.

Getting home on Sundays is always annoying. There's always at least a 20 minute wait for the 71, more often a 25 or 30 minute wait. I don't like waiting. I really don't like waiting. Fucking damn weekend schedule. And for some reason, I can read while waiting to go somewhere else, but not while waiting to get home.

Another good reason to leave earlier: last two weeks, haven't had time to read, as there's little wait for the 71, and I can't read with all the noise at the MAX station. And last week, it was 5 minutes at most between getting off the 71 and getting on the 12. And since I can't read on the bus without getting motion sickness, that cuts away all my available reading time.

All for now.

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