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I'm feeling bewildered

One of the people who tried to get to the pagan meetup at the Chinese Village Restaurant yesterday left a bad review all because he couldn't find the place. I've been having a back and forth with him, trying to explain that he couldn't possibly have been anywhere near it, or he'd have seen it. He says he went by the corner of Washington and 82nd and didn't see it. This left me bewildered. It's not exactly hiding, it's quite obvious and has an enormous sign. I outright told him he either wasn't where he thought he was, or he wasn't looking properly. Because seriously, the place is damned easy to find.

I just thought of something, and just added it in comment to him: the first time I tried to find the Unitarian church, I was looking in Northeast Portland, and it was actually in Southeast Portland. I told him he must have made a similar mistake; there's really no other explanation, the place's sign is so huge it can be seen from about 5 blocks away.

Edited to add: he claims the address on the meetup site is inaccurate, but I checked, and it isn't. I sent him a Google Maps link to prove it.

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