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Speaking of books...

You remember I recently posted that I gave up on "Foreign Influence," a third novel in the Nokwahl Vii'ah'dah series (AKA "Truthspeaker Nokwahl" series), after having started work on it 5 or 6 years ago? ("I'll Tell You No Lies" is #1 in the series, "One Hundred Year Wait" is #2 in the series.) That I gave up on it because the plot was cliché? Well, erithianopius helped me figure out a plot for a new attempt. I haven't started writing in it yet, because I need to make more alien species and do more preliminary stuff, but once I get around to beginning, I already have a title for this new project, the new 3rd Nokwahl novel: "The Silent Speaking."

I can't tell you much yet without giving too much away, but there are going to be a lot more aliens in this one, and a VERY strange murder for Nokwahl and her partner Alex Davison to solve.

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