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Trippy ad

Just saw an ad where a woman is cleaning the bathroom, and her toilet, her shower, her sink, and some others are all talking to her, and moving, and she's just like, "Oh yes, I'd better use this other brand which cleans better." If my toilet, sink, and shower, were talking to me, I would not be taking it so calmly. I'd be screaming in terror, trying to wake up from the nightmare. If it persisted, I think I might check myself in to a psych ward. If it still persisted, I *might* calm down and accept the reality of the situation though. One more weirdness in my life. I might end up discussing philosophy with them. I wonder if a toilet would be an existentialist?

I suspect the woman in the ad went through a similar cycle when it happened to her. And she had a family to support, so after a while in the psych ward and nothing helped, she just decided to get used to it for the sake of her family. Feigning sanity to get released worked after honing her skills at ignoring weird stuff. Now it's commonplace, and when she's had a bad day she discusses it with them, trying the whole time not to focus on the fact that she's pissing and shitting into Toilet's mouth, because the implications of that would be just far too disturbing for her to handle.

Sounds like a great idea for a sitcom, eh? ;-D

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