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Sometimes the coolest things become commonplace.

Living in Portland, you kind of get used to all the trees, to the point where you don't notice them. Then there are those occasional moments where you DO notice the trees, I mean REALLY notice them. Had a moment like that, today, while going to the local grocery store. I was like, "Fuck, man, there sure are a lot of trees here." Must've been more than 100, maybe even more than 200, that I could see just from where I was at the time. It was a little trippy, with thoughts like "is it a city full of trees or a forest full of buildings?" The moment ended with my thinking "This is how ALL cities should be: with fucktons of trees around everywhere."

It's the kind of city the Ah'Koi Bahnis would build, you know, if they didn't have to worry about accidentally planting the kind of tree that eats people.

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