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If you watch the Harry Potter series backwards...

If you watch the Harry Potter series backwards, it's the story of a selfless Benjamin Button-esque character, Harry Potter, who uses magic to bring to life a pale and deformed creature that, like its master, goes around bringing people to life and healing others, with a small band of devoted followers. The creature, named Voldemort, is constantly at odds with the villain Dumbledore, who is angry that one of Voldemort's disciples revived him after a long and fulfilling life, because to him, death was just the next great adventure. But Voldemort and his aptly named Death Eaters (because they are eating Death itself) carry on, even risking their lives and personal well being on their mission of mercy.

Dumbledore manages to warp the mind of the backwards-aging Harry Potter against his own creation, and in a fight against Voldemort in a graveyard, the poor creature loses his powers and becomes a spirit. (After the fight, one of only two remaining faithful revives the poor Cedric Diggory, who goes on to be Turned by a sparklevamp.) Abandoned by almost all his disciples, who have lost faith in the mission, Voldemort goes looking for a way to regain his powers so he can continue to do good works, occasionally running into Dumbledore and Harry along the way.

Finally, in the end, Voldemort pays his master one last visit, when Harry has regressed to age one year old. He has regained enough of his powers where he intends to sacrifice his life to cure Harry's backwards aging. He tries, and fails to cure Harry, but miraculously regains his body and his powers. He immediately brings his master's dead parents back to life, as one last gift to Harry before moving on to find his disciples and carry on in Harry's name.

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