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Anyone else noticed this about Harry Potter?

A few things, one serious and two funny.

1. Voldemort, Snape, and Barty Crouch Junior, all three villains (or less than completely good in Snape's case) had daddy issues. Voldemort's father abandoned him, Snape's father abused him, and Crouch's father... well, I don't know how to put those issues into succinct words, but he had issues with his father as well, and not an uncommon type of issues either.

Then, too, Harry was an orphan (as was Voldemort), and Neville's parents were worse than dead.

The only really happy family, that produced no actual villains, was the Weasleys, and they were poor in the money sense (Percy was just a bit blinded by his power lust). So is this JK's way of saying wealth doesn't bring happiness, that poor people can be rich in other ways? Might the apparent fixation on absent parents (for real or otherwise) be because she herself is (or at least was) a single mother?

2. Another pattern?

Book 1 = We're led to believe the villain is Snape, but it's really (DUN DUN DUN) Professor Quirrell and Lord Voldemort.

Book 2 = We're led to believe the villain is Draco Malfoy, then Hagrid, but it's really (DUN DUN DUN) Tom Riddle/Voldemort.

Book 3 = We're led to believe Sirius Black is the villain, but it's really (DUN DUN DUN) Ron's rat scabbers, who is really the wizard Peter Pettigrew in disguise.

Book 4 = We're led to believe the villain is Karkaroff or Ludo Bagman, but it's really (DUN DUN DUN) Mad-Eye Moody, who is actually Barty Crouch Junior in disguise.

Book 5 = We're led to believe that Harry is somehow now the villain, or maybe Dolores Umbridge, but it's really (DUN DUN DUN) Voldemort again.

Book 6 = We're led to believe that Malfoy is up to no good, and he is, but it's really (DUN DUN DUN) Voldemort forcing him to do it.

Book 7 = We were led to believe in book 6 that Snape is a villain, only to find he isn't. Bit of a reversal of the pattern there, but whatever. By this point we pretty much know all the villains anyway.

3. I knew Umbridge was a poignant name for her, considering the meaning of the word Umbridge. But I've just noticed her first name is Dolores. Which means "Sorrows."

Oh also, why is he called Professor Dumbledore? He doesn't teach any classes!


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