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stupid people doing stupid things

One of the more annoying things for people to do, something that really pisses me off, is the act of honking at me or shouting or just generally talking to me from the car. Nobody I know it does this, as far as I know, but at least in Iowa when it happened – specifically, the drive-by honking and shouting, especially when really fast – I could imagine that somebody who knew me was trying to say hello. Not a friend, mind you, but not an enemy either.

In Portland, I have no such delusions. The only people in Portland who have ever attempted communication with me from a car are the really stupid ones. Wait, correction: ones with no filter between their brain and their mouth. Or cruel ones. I don't know what, but anyway... If I've ever gotten any genuine compliments from drive-by people, I don't know because if they were genuine their tone didn't sound genuine. Like the one time that some jackass called me "Little Green Riding Hood" when I was wearing my green cloak.

Or like today, where a couple of cis-gendered women were saying "hey sexy" at me in what I interpreted to be a sarcastic manner. I really don't understand why people feel they must bring voice to these stupid and cruel, taunting–toned words. It's like the expression goes, "if you can't say something nice don't say anything at all." I suppose that they are telling themselves that they are giving a complement, despite their snarky tone (through some sort of strange Normie non-logic), but I really don't appreciate that crap. If I don't know you, and you don't know me, and even if we do know each other, I do not want you to communicate to me from your fucking car. One, the "honking and waving" greeting startles the crap out of me and makes me want to punch you in the face. Two, if we don't know each other you have no reason to talk to me except to ask me the time or make idle chitchat which I don't like. You do NOT have the right – nor any legitimate reason – to be talking to me at all; and while I will gladly accept sincere complements and kindly discussion, I do not tolerate anything even remotely mean, nasty, or harassing.

So, naturally, I tried to ignore them at first (those two women), but they just kept it up. So, really tired of that shit, I flipped them the bird. Which got me the expected results of "fuck you too!" To which I gave the twisty bird. : –)

This is a new policy for me; usually I just ignore people who are being stupid like that. But I like Portland enough that I really really hate it when people try to spoil things for me. Hopefully, if I flip off enough assholes trying to ruin shit for me, they will stop. My thinking is, that they will get the message that I don't appreciate that shit.

I am now 100 percent certain that they were being sarcastic. But I don't care either way, I still feel I did the right thing by flipping them off.

Oh, by the way, I am currently dictating this to my computer using Dragon. Training in how I actually talk, instead of reading off some something or other. As I hate reading aloud. I hate it very much. Whenever I read anything aloud, it just sounds weird, all jerky and strange. It's like there's a delay between my brain reading of the words and my mouth saying them, and yet they both try to both things at the same time. Which, as you can guess, really fucks up my ability to read aloud.

I also figured that I would install Dragon on the laptop instead, because it has never had any problem with losing registry shit, or what ever the fuck it was that happened that one time to my desktop PC. And while I don't mind teaching an entirely new computer how to recognize my voice, I don't fancy the thought of teaching the original computer all over again with the possibility that it might lose everything it learned once more. I don't know that Picard will fuck up again, but Q has never given me a problem in that regard.

Well enough of that shit for now. Adios!

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