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Writing down Yahgahn scripture stories; I hope I can actually do it this time.

I've been developing the stories for the scriptures of the Yahgahn culture of Traipah for years and years and years. But not a lot of it is written down. I've made several attempts over the years to write it down in one volume, to be called The Noi'ii'ohn'ay'ya.

I think I finally figured out why I have a hard time writing it down, every time. It's because I try to start at the beginning, and go linearly. What I need to do, instead, is to start with the stories I know and put them in their own files in a Noi'ii'ohn'ay'ya folder, and THEN start the task of piecing them together.

Also realized something helpful: a lot of the stories about Shao'Kehn are not in the Noi'ii'ohn'ay'ya, because the Noi'ii'ohn'ay'ya predates the Shao'Bahn Order. The Shao'Kehn stories that the Shao'Bahn have collected will have to be in their own scripture, something with a different title.

Though I do think that the story of how Ahndahn and Shao'Kehn met and fell in love with each other will be in the Noi'ii'ohn'ay'ya. It fits Yahgahn beliefs and, in fact, kind of helps tie the Noi'ii'ohn'ay'ya together.

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