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Some odd dreams

Went to bed early Saturday night so I could be up at 8 AM for Unitarian Universalist church services at 10 AM. Had a dream that night, that was interesting. It focused on this one guy, a cop or something, entering this high-security area with a passcode; apparently something he does every day. He enters the building and is rummaging through his locker for something when his boss, a woman resembling the woman who played Karrin Murphy in the short-lived Dresden Files show on SyFy Channel, tried keying in. There was some problem that required her to verify her identity. At the exact same time, the phone across from the guy started to ring, but he ignored it. His boss finally got in, and went to her own locker; phone immediately stops ringing. A bald man came in shortly afterward, having been running, and was acting all concerned, sounding like he was faking being friendly, asking her what happened at the door, and saying he was worried for a moment she wouldn't be able to get in. The first guy got suspicious and went over to the area she'd been standing in when the door locked. He picked the lock on something there, and found a bomb. It didn't go off, thankfully. He put everything together, in his mind, just then. The problem with the door had been meant to blow up the female boss. The bomb was wired strangely and inexpertly, and apparently the bomber had made a mistake that the only way he could correct it was to make the phone ring and hope the first guy would answer, which would have also set him up as the patsy. But it didn't work, and the first dude was able to arrest bald running guy for attempted murder and terrorism.

When I got home from the services, I took a long nap. One of the dreams from the long nap involved me watching a very bizarre episode of Rugrats, wherein among other things, Angelica was having a nightmare that her mother had her tied to an operating table while the doctors were taking things out and examining them. At one point, they were looking at her brain in their hands (she was still somehow conscious and listening in) and one of the doctor pointed to a discolored spot on her brain and asked her mother what it was. The mother replied, nonchalantly, "That? Oh, that's just the part that makes her self aware and gives her desires. Remove it and throw it away." Angelica was terrified, obviously. I commented, upon seeing this, "Yeah, that would be a nightmare alright."
Then Angelica's dream moved away from the operating room and to a scene where she was apparently an adult and face to face with the now grown up "babies" (Tommy, Chucky, Phil, and Lil) who were large and powerful now, and wanted revenge for how badly she'd treated them growing up. They were just beginning to close in on her when I woke up to use the restroom.

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