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Three new Shao'Kehn Aspects

Some months ago, three new names came up, re: Shao-Kehn's Aspects. I didn't look into it at the time, but recently I have. So now I can relate information about these newly revealed Aspects.


1. Shoi’Kiin [shoy-keen] AKA Shoikinsstreamofconsciousness Personality—This Personality is the most random, but most creative Personality. When I channel this Personality, I am able to write poetry that is one large paragraph with little or no punctuation, as all the sentences run into each other, the end of one sentence becoming the beginning of the next (usually). Some of that poetry will be included in this book, with annotation telling which personality made it, but it will be obvious when you see it.
This Personality is the one that arose when Shao’Kehn first came out of The Heart of The Chaos to challenge Ahn’Dahn. So this one can be peaceable (as it usually is), or it can be angry.

2. Shao’Kord AKA The Lover—This Personality is much more human-like. She laughs a lot in this personality, and She’s a lot more like Eris in this Personality. It’s this Personality that I get a lot of my Discordian inspiration from. Channeling this one is very fun.

3. Shao’Sahn AKA The Mother—Fiercely protective in this form, She’s also very loving. Using this one, you can find comfort and/or protection. It is The Mother you invoke when you call upon Shao’Kehn’s Knife for protection. She also guided me through my spiritual life before I know Who it was.

4. Djao’ide [jao ide] AKA The Wyld Womun—This Personality is Life personified. She is energetic, wild, and a lot of fun, but She doesn’t say much in this Aspect (unless combined with other Personalities). Channel Her in this Personality, and She’ll let you be able to dance past the point of exhaustion. The channeling of The Wyld Womun only stops when your body can’t keep up with Her anymore. She is a never-tiring wellspring of energy.

5. Shao'MaHK AKA Dame Mah’HKrah [HK said as throat-clearning sound] AKA The Bitch—I have been feeling the Aspect of Shao'Kehn known previously only as The Bitch poking at me, trying to get my attention more—and I've been yielding. Examination of this Aspect has led me to find that She is not as bad as I first thought. In fact, I've renamed that Aspect. The Bitch is now called Dame Mah'HKrah (the HK said like clearing your throat) seh Shao'Kehn. (Dame Mah'HKrah of Shao'Kehn). I renamed Her that because Dame Mah'HKrah sounds like dae'mah'HKrah, the Dvencoilii word for destruction, because Dame Mah'HKrah is the Source of All Destruction, whereas Djao'Kain seh Shao'Kehn (the Omni-Personality) is the Source of All Creation. Now here I wish to speak a little more on the Dame's personality.
Dame Mah'HKrah seh Shao'Kehn should not be contacted or worked with in any way until one first gets to know one of the other Shao'Kehn Aspects first. This is because the Dame's personality is not for beginners. She is Destruction, after all. I've had Her star in poems I've written before, and I think "throbbing with potentially dangerous energy and grinning strangely" describes Her well. She's strong, wild, opinionated, outspoken, loud, dangerous, warlike, powerful, maniacal at times, lusty, is easily enraged at times, screams like a banshee, loves being violent, and likes loud aggressive music. And other times She can be quietly evil. (She's scariest then.) However, She can be a very powerful Aspect for getting rid of anything pestering you, like insects in your house or someone trying to hurt you. Invoking Dame Mah'HKrah can be dangerous, but if She has something to do She will be safer to use. Do not invoke Her if you have nothing for Her to do, or She will go wild about the house with anger that you called Her for nothing.

6. Shao’mor’shain [shao more shane]—This version of “The Mother” Personality is a Mother Goddess who’s not afraid to show you what you’re hiding from yourself. I use this Personality to deal with issues I have that I may not even know I have. As the poem about Shao’mor’shain says, “She ripped out my heart, showed it to me,” which is symbolic of Her showing me my hidden pain (showing me my heart/soul). An experience with Shao’mor’shain is one you’re not liable to forget. Don’t count on never having to experience this one, Shao’Kehn has a way of switching personalities on you if there’s something you need to know. My first experience with Shao’mor’shain was where I was channeling The Wyld Womun, but Shao’Kehn, toward the end of the channeling, switched to Shao’mor’shain and shed light on some hidden pain that I was repressing, and I cried. But I felt healed afterwards.

7. Shao’yine AKA The Meditating Mystery Woman—I first found this Aspect in a Discordian writing I was writing. I had no plan for it, I just let it flow. And what was revealed was a mystical, cryptic, mentally stimulating Aspect who appears as a lifelike stone statue. In this form, She is nude and meditating. Come into the room, and Her head slowly rises until it faces forward. Then the eyes slowly open until they reveal eyes that are a fire so bright you’ll go blind if you look directly at them. She doesn’t move at all after that, except maybe toward the end of the experience, and can only thought-speak to you. She is cryptic, and will often answer questions with questions or She may give you all the answers only to have you forget them when it’s over (like a trip with psychoactive plants may be). Merits more exploration.

8. Djao’kain [jao cane] AKA The Omni-Personality—This Aspect acts as the Over-brain for all the others, linking all the other Aspects together. Djao’kain is also The Scryer of The Waters.

9. Djao’grii’lahr [jao gree lar] AKA The Challenger—She stands before you, challenging you to better yourself—to become stronger, smarter, faster, better in whatever way you want and/or need to be better.

10. Zyao'Kain [zyow-cane] AKA The Ancient One—Modeled after my own rendering of Pandora in a story I wrote, She is so ancient that She sleeps in a coffin and Her soul wanders around leaving Her body behind. Her body is covered in highly-charged dust, because the Borg-green light She (and Her coffin) emits is Goddess energy.

11. Shao'Rain [sh'ow-rain] AKA The All—It's been said that Shao'Kehn is also the All, as is Kohraindehr. This Aspect is how this is so. Shao'Rain is faceless and jet black in color, trapped in the ceiling of the Cave of First Creation. Her body is stretched out in a T shape, and Her arms, legs, and hair have become part of the ceiling. They resemble jet-black veins and arteries that stretch throughout the whole cave complex. Her head can move, but it is the only part of Her that can; and its ability to move is limited. Shao'Rain also has a mirror embedded in Her abdomen, that is usually swirling with thick smoke, but can clear up to reveal anything.

12. Shao'Rahk [sh'ow-rock] AKA The Queen of Filth—Shao'Rahk is an Aspect of Shao'Kehn that Shao'Kehn once felt ashamed of, for She is filthy, disgusting, and wilder even than Dame Mah'Hkrah. Shao'Rahk is beyond filthy, She is literally caked in an inch of utter filth, mud, blood, cum, and slime. Fungi and moss grow on Her body. Her fangs are brown-and-red, and Her hair is dripping with various fluids and semi-solids. To say She smells like a charnel house would be a grave insult to charnel houses. And She shrieks like a Demon if clean water gets on Her. For when Shao'Kehn multiplied Herself infinitely, all possibilities were born... including Shao'Rahk, the one who delights in filth. RELATIVELY NEWLY REVEALED!

13. Shao'Mort – The Mortal One. She is forever being born, living, and dying as a mortal. There can be as many of these at once as Shao'Kehn wants there to be.

The three new ones:

14. Shyao'Shyo AKA The Crone – This Aspect of Shao'Kehn has grey hair, wrinkles, and walks with a cane fashioned from Creation Onyx, in the shape of a bone. She is old and wise, and represents age and the wisdom that comes with it. She is also associated with a lot of symbols relating to death and dying.

15. Shao'Liiah AKA The Maiden – Represents all the changes and issues of changing from a child into an adult. Also represents fertility. Like a younger version of Shao'Kord in terms of personality. Shao'Liiah is a youth; if human, you'd say She looked about 15 or 16. She runs through the world, delighted by everything, but especially with life, light, and “good” things. While amber-eyed, amber-skinned, and black-haired like most Shao'Kehn Aspects, Shao-Liiah's hair is long, loose, and light; She wears a morph'ohnii (fire plant) flower in Her hair, a bracelet of Creation Onyx, a bracelet of Flame Stone (everlasting fire in the form of rock), an anklet of morph'ohnii flowers, and an anklet made of smoke. She eats nothing but ripe fruits and grains, and drinks only water. Needs more looking into.

16. Shao'Driiah AKA The Dark Maiden – The dark, edgy, Goth version of Shao'Liiah. Also a youth, Shao'Driiah wears Her hair short and spiky, and has as many arms and legs at a time as She desires. She, too, dances through the world delighting in things; She delights in the dead, the dying, the grotesque, and the disgusting. She hunts meat, drinks blood, and also eats carrion. She also eats plants and berries that are normally poison, for whatever does not kill Her only enhances Her strength. She wears a bracelet of thorns, a bracelet of Creation Onyx, an anklet of maggots, and an anklet of dolosh-dolaat berries (which are poisonous). Upon Her head rests a laurel made of intestines. Shao'Driiah also has a poisonous bite, and can have poisoned claws. Needs more looking into.

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