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Shao'Kehn drawings up. (NSFW, drawn nudity)

So, I got my big drawing of Shao'Kehn scanned in at last. You know, the one where She's mostly nude. I had to get it scanned in at FedEx Kinko's, where they have a scanner three feet long! The picture is just under three feet long, which is good, since they scanned it in sideways.

But first, the original sketch:

So yeah, She was supposed to have six arms in this one. I'm not sure why some of the pictures of Shao'Kehn have extra arms, aside from my thinking it looks cool. But it could possibly represent Her many Aspects.

I had to split the digital copy of the picture in half, save each half separately (keeping a copy of the original intact) and screen-capture from a smaller preview, then piece the two smaller preview halves together, to make this smaller copy. The original is so huge, I had to zoom out three times to get the whole thing on the screen to cut it in half. As it was, the two halves were slightly different sizes and I couldn't get it to work right, so I was like "Meh, good enough" and just manually resized the bottom half to fit.

EDIT: Distorted copy has been replaced with non-distorted copy. Thanks, kengr, for the non-distorted version!

Click here to find out what the Traipahni script in the picture is saying!
Dreamwidth version for in case LJ gets DDOS'd again.

If you're interested in a copy of the larger picture, email me at fayanora@gmail.com or PM me with your email address. If you email me, please tell me your LJ or DW username, so I know who you are.

Here's hoping crossposting is back up. *crosses fingers*

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Jul. 31st, 2011 05:42 pm (UTC)
I used pictures of my hands as models for this pic. However, the vertical knife hand was moved so much during the course of editing that the model picture I had wasn't very effective, as it was in a different position.

Also, I didn't have model pics for the other two hand positions.

Drawing faces is supposed to be easier if you first draw a +, then put the eyes on the horizontal line and the nose and chin on the vertical line. To add perspective when the face is not looking straight at you, the + has to be bent the intersection of the lines has to be moved, you can see more or less how by drawing a + on a ball and turning it.
I haven't done that yet, I never saw the point until I recently read one of those "how to draw" books.

Thanks for the tip!


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