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My tweets

  • Sun, 22:56: RT @TheRiverWanders: #FuckYouWashington? Overly broad. I say #FuckYouGOP b/c THEY have brought us to the brink with their bedding of the ...
  • Sun, 22:57: RT @Jablair51: Children have no religion, tradition or prejudices. Those have to be taught to them.
  • Mon, 00:22: I need an art book with pics of female nudes in different poses, for my Goddess artwork. Anyone have a pic of a woman with arms to the sky?
  • Mon, 00:23: The shoulders are proving especially difficult to draw.
  • Mon, 01:31: I have NEVER had this much trouble drawing Shao'Kehn before as I have now, with Her arms raised, nude.
  • Mon, 01:59: Usually breasts are super easy for me to draw, but I had a bugger of a time figuring out how to get it right this time.
  • Mon, 02:00: Apparently, things shift around a bit when the arms are raised, meaning you have to draw it differently.
  • Mon, 02:00: I had to print off a bunch of pictures to use for models.
  • Mon, 02:01: I don't know what's wrong with LiveJournal today, but it's very annoying.
  • Mon, 02:04: It took me THREE HOURS to draw Shao-Kehn's head, torso, and arms? o_O Wow, and I'm not even done with the pic yet. *whimpers*
  • Mon, 02:04: Man, the things I do for my spirituality. :-D
  • Mon, 03:37: Done drawing Shao'Kehn. Damn, four hours that took, but it sure was fun.
  • Mon, 03:38: And well worth it, too. I go off in an almost zen mode when I'm not grunting about mistakes.
  • Mon, 03:39: Drawing a picture of Shao'Kehn is like making love to Her. I do it slowly, carefully, and methodically, making sure I get it done right.
  • Mon, 04:01: RT @WTFSexFacts: Child: "Daddy, why are you lying on top of mommy naked?" Daddy: "We're planking and we forgot to put on our clothes."
  • Mon, 04:11: So, according to downforeveryoneorjustme.com, Livejournal is down. I wonder what's wrong.
  • Mon, 04:11: RT @ddate: Today is Sweetmorn,the 60th day of Confusion in the YOLD 3177
  • Mon, 04:34: RT @qikipedia: George Bush has a slime-mold beetle named after him.
  • Mon, 04:52: Does rubber cement stain white paper? What about Elmer's glue? I need a glue that won't stain white paper.
  • Mon, 04:53: RT @RepJackKimble: The debt crisis is no different from when a family decides whether mom will go back to work (+revenue) or you'll cut ...
  • Mon, 05:04: Well, nighty night Tweeples!
  • Mon, 15:19: A work of love & art (w/ details not shared on Twitter or FB) http://j.mp/qrW06o
  • Mon, 15:46: I favorited a @YouTube video http://youtu.be/QD2cKdZYwjA?a Ruin The Economy Or Not? Congress Still Unable To Decide
  • Mon, 15:51: http://t.co/wRCWCPS - The Trouble With Seven - The Daily WTF
  • Mon, 15:56: Rep. King Says Obama Will Be Impeached If Government Defaults http://t.co/DTP6SQI via @thinkprogress | (Fay's head explodes from anger.)
  • Mon, 16:03: I think the Republicans are TRYING to fill the Left-leaning people with so much rage that 1 of us finally snaps & goes on a killing spree.
  • Mon, 16:03: For our sake, I hope the rage turns into non-violently removing all Republicans from office.
  • Mon, 16:05: I've never been fond of the Republican party, but since Obama took over they've been angering me more than they did during the Bush years.
  • Mon, 16:06: Goddamn fucking sore losers. Can't y'all do anything but play stupid games? Like maybe your fucking JOBS? #tcot
  • Mon, 16:07: I'm so angry right now I could eat lava and shit rocks.
  • Mon, 22:48: From "50 facts that should change the world": More people in the world can identify the golden arches of McDonalds than the Christian cross.



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