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A work of love & art (w/ details not shared on Twitter or FB)

Posting this manually over here because no matter how many times I try the crossposting from Dreamwidth, something in LiveJournal's servers must still be messed up because crossposting isn't working.

Some language in this post refers to nudity and even things of a sexual nature.

I just spent 4 hours (11:45 pm to 3:45 am) drawing a picture of Shao'Kehn, my Matron Goddess. She is Goddess of Chaos, Change, Evolution, Self-Improvement, and Protection; She is associated with fire. She is a shapeshifting Goddess who generally takes forms that are variations on this theme: amber eyes, amber skin, and black hair. Though when I draw Her with pencil, Her skin isn't in color obviously; I shade Her in.

I started out with a rough sketch that turned out well enough that I darkened the lines so I can scan it in later and post it online. That only took maybe 30 minutes. (Both pictures are nudes. That's how Shao'Kehn rolls most of the time, with me anyway.) Then I went to work on the main drawing, which took about 3 and a half hours. A major part of what took the picture so long was that I had two of Shao-Kehn's arms raised. No idea how many times I had to erase my attempts to get Her breasts right before I figured out that maybe there was something anatomical that happened in that pose to make it not look right the way I was trying it. Scoured Google Images with no luck. Finally found a picture of a black woman in the right pose, with all the muscles and anatomical details... I found the picture in my porn collection on my computer. :-D Man, I really need a book with nudes in a bunch of poses, for stuff like this. I had to print off almost a dozen pictures of various body parts to use as models for this picture.

Once I saw how things work in that pose, it was easy enough to draw.

Okay... so the original sketch has a 6-armed Shao'Kehn, and is a full-body nude. Imagine my annoyance when I found that the big paper I use to draw with (12 in x 18 in) wasn't big enough for the drawing I wanted to do in the scale I wanted to do it in... which I didn't notice until after Her face was done. And it was a perfect face! Done with minimal hassle! The face usually takes me about half the time of any drawing because I'm so finicky about getting the eyes and expression and so on just right. So, not wanting to risk making a crappy face in redraw, I decided to draw it on two papers. I tore out another paper and set it aside for later, finishing the face. And then spending Gods know how long with the arms, hands, and torso. I think one of the hands is slightly smaller than the other, still. Hands and feet are the worst part to try to draw!

Got the top part done, darkened the lines, and did shading. For the entire picture, the shading took a long time as usual. I darken the lines and add shading material by turning the pencil at an angle, set pencil down, use blending stub to shade; lines become light and sometimes even blurry, I darken the lines. Shading is a constant process of going back and forth between shading and darkening lines. I must have gone over each line at least 30 times in the course of shading, with the exception of the hair; only need to darken the outside lines of the hair, and hair across the face/body. Hair is the easiest part of drawing a person, for me.

Anyway, with the top drawn and shaded, I taped the second paper to the back of the first, and started drawing Her bottom half. Bottom half was super easy to figure out compared to the top, even with Her turning Her hip and lifting Her right leg (I think She was dancing, which I had not planned). Gave up trying to draw Her right foot; feet are nearly fucking impossible for me to draw. So I covered it in flames instead. Then drew a belt and two knife sheaths on Her, since Her upraised arms are holding knives.

Bottom part of Her body done, I added two other arms. She has Her second left arm on Her hip. Her second right arm is, well... She's playing with Herself. :-D Well, you can't actually see it, because She's wearing a belt, which covers Her hand. Anyway, you'll see when I post it. :-D

So, all that figured out, I darkened lines and shaded and re-darkened lines, etc etc ad nauseum for what felt like an hour but couldn't have been more than half an hour. It took 2.5 or 3 hours to do the top of the picture, and only 1 hour to do the bottom. (Of course, there was also Her face and hands to do in the top, which takes a lot of work.)

Once the shading and final darkening of lines was done, I added stars coming up from the flames, and some text. Three areas of text:
1. Traipahni characters spelling out Shao'Kehn in big bold characters, with Her name in Roman letters underneath, in parentheses.
2. English text saying She is the "Goddess of Chaos, Change, Evolution, Self-Improvement, and Protection."
3. Untranslated Traipahni text, small but dark, moving diagonally, spelling out "Thiin taekah Koh, thiiah Pahtohl Morshen" and then larger Traipahni text, two words side by side, one says "tahlahv" and the other says "lahsahn." So the diagonal text means "I love You, my Divine Dark" and the larger two words are "Lover" and "Mother." Because She is my Divine Dark Mother Goddess, and also She is my Divine Dark Lover.

I realized earlier, when I draw Shao'Kehn, it's like making love to Her. I go slowly, carefully, and methocially in order to get it right. And I get into this state of mind that's like lovemaking, too. There is nothing, in those moments, but me and Her, my pencil lovingly tracing the outlines and details of Her body, as many times as it takes to get the job done. :-)

All I need now is some clear matte tape to tape down the front. Or maybe some rubber cement. Does rubber cement stain white paper? If so, would Elmer's work? I don't want to risk damaging it. Maybe matte tape would be best.

I will post the sketch and the main drawing as soon as I can get them scanned in and onto my computer. :-D
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