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Non-human characters in fiction?

I was just thinking about Nokwahl, my non-human main character in three different novels (one of which - "I'll Tell You No Lies" - has been published), and it occurred to me to wonder how often scifi authors use non-human main characters. Like, THE main character is non-human, such as I did; Nokwahl is an Ah'Koi Bahnis. Humanoid, but non-human, and with a culture very much unlike ours. I knew when I first started those stories that it was unusual to have non-human main characters. But I still don't know quite how unusual.

Also, and this sort of counts, Lyria isn't the same species of human as us anymore, she's changed herself so much. And the rest of her children... some of them aren't human at all, or are barely human. (All her children are made in a lab, or from two or more lab-created children breeding with each other. Lyria has the ability to get pregnant, but finds the process personally distasteful.) And my first attempt to write the Playground of the Gods story before Lyria was around had me telling the tale from the point of view of an energy being with an abrasive personality (who is still in the story. His name is Zyalin.)

Oh, and there's the graphic novel series "Hellboy." Hellboy, raised by humans, but he's a demon.

So... any other examples of main characters who are non-human? (And I don't count elves or fairies unless their thought processes and/or culture is VERY unusual from that of humans.)

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