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Alex and I actually agreeing on something?

I hate returning pop/water/vitamin water cans and bottles. It always takes forever, in smelly conditions, with annoying stupid people, and I'm always third in line behind two other people with about 1000 of the damn things each. But I do it anyway, when I have a whole garbage bag full of them, because WOO MONEY!

Today was worse than usual. I was second in line this time, but the woman ahead of me had like 2000 bottles. Oh, and Albertson's no longer has 5 or 6 machines, half of which I could have used. No, now it has three brand new machines, having thrown away the old ones. Worse, only one of them I can use. You see, I almost never buy cans of anything; it's almost always bottles. Yes, they have only one machine for plastic bottles. And all three do cans. So, first reason to be pissed off at Albertson's. If I hadn't had so many Albertson's brand bottles, I would have gone to WinCo.

When I got there, seems the woman before me was waiting for someone to come empty the damn machine, and she'd already been waiting for half an hour. So I went into the store to bug people into getting their asses out there. I waited over 10 minutes before anyone came. It was such a fucking clusterfuck! They called the customer service people to the front, and it didn't work. They went off looking for someone, and by the third time they told me they couldn't find any of them, I was EXTREMELY tempted to let Alex say to them, "If you have such a hard time finding these people to do their jobs, maybe you should fire them and hire somebody who will actually do some work when they come to work!" I *did* manage to tell them that the woman before me had been waiting for a half an hour, though.

Near the end of the wait, I was extremely tempted to let Alex bitch at them for it taking 40 minutes to find someone who could empty the machine. When the guy finally got there, Alex wanted to say "About time! You know, if it takes people 40 minutes to find you, maybe you should quit so someone who actually knows how to work can get hired on!" I almost let him.

Then the idiot doesn't actually empty the machine, he just shovels it around a bit. Alex and I were both tempted to rage: "WE WAITED 40 MINUTES FOR YOU AND YOU DON'T EVEN EMPTY THE GODDAMN MACHINE? JUST FUCKING EMPTY IT! YOU'LL ONLY BE NEEDED AGAIN IN 10 MINUTES IF ALL YOU DO IS SHOVEL THE SHIT AROUND! ARE WE GOING TO HAVE TO WAIT ANOTHER FUCKING 40 MINUTES FOR YOU WHEN THAT HAPPENS?" Because seriously, with as many bottles as that woman had in her cart, I was fully expecting it to fill up again before she finished. I actually wish it HAD, because she was pissed off enough that I was sure if it DID fill up again that she'd be storming in there screaming at the idiots about it.

But no, somehow both she and I got through all our bottles without it filling up again. I don't know who I should thank for that miracle, so I'll just say "Thanks, whoever gave us that miracle!" Seriously, it WAS a miracle; you should have seen how full it was when the idiot just shoveled the shit around. Both of us getting through our bottles (and my 3 cans) without it filling up was a miracle on the order of the freaking one night's worth of oil lasting 8 nights, or the one loaf and fish becoming a feast. There is no fucking way magic was NOT involved, unless the machine spontaneously turned into a TARDIS.

All that bullshit for not quite $3. You see why I hate returning bottles?

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