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Animal types for anthropomorphic animals?

In my Mindeodean storyverse, humans go out into the galaxy and become a number of other species by genetic engineering. Some do this because they have to, to adapt to their environment. Others do it just for the hell of it. But basically, humans are (so far as anyone knows) the only life-forms in the universe with civilization.

I've recently come up with a colony for the Mindeodean storyverse that is a world (or possibly a whole solar system) full of different species of humans who resemble anthropomorphic animals. I want there to be a number of species on this planet, representing a variety of animal types, but I also need to keep the number of species down to a reasonable number since they can't interbreed. But I'm looking for more suggestions as well. Basic form of these species is: humanoid, furred, heads of different appearances.

So far, I have:
* Lagos, who look like humanoid rabbits or hares.
* The Felis look like cats of various kinds.
* Canis look like dogs, wolves, or foxes.
* Bovins look like cows.
* Porcins look like pigs.
* Rodens look like mice, rats, or other rodents.
* Reptils have scaly skin like reptiles. (Obviously, no fur on this one.)

I may narrow it down some more later, especially if I get lots of good suggestions. I'm not sure I like the Bovins or Porcins.

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I also find that I have very few interesting species who are members of the Mindeodean Empire. Most of the really interesting species are part of The United Front, which is a different group, though allied with Mindeodeans. So any suggestions for interesting varieties of humans would be appreciated as well.

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