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First Day at Work

      Today was my first day at work, orientation. Just watching videos and filling out papers. However, there were a couple of disturbing videos. The one about people being sucked into machines and being maimed or killed wasn't too horrible, but the one about bloodborne pathogens (which went on and on and on and on...) made me so sick and wet with cold sweat that I was afraid I'd have to leave the room and go puke somewhere. Worst part was, it was so frickin loud that even when I decided to close my ears and hum softly to block out the sound, I could still hear it. I tried running songs through my head, that didn't work, so I just breathed in and out slowly until it was over. The other people noticed, too. We were talking while the lady conducting the orientation was off to find something, and someone said that I looked like I was about to be violently sick all over the place. Took me about 15 minutes to recover, too, once the video was over. Blood, spoken about in detail, just sickens me and if anyone tries it as a joke against me or any other on-purpose reason, I'll punch their fucking teeth out if I have to. I don't tolerate people doing that shit on purpose just to freak me out.

      There's a lot of confusing stuff there, and you know me... I'm easily confused. It will take me a while to get fully used to the confusing-ness of the place. For example, I almost (almost) mistook the sink in the men's bathroom for a urinal. Luckily I realized what it was before I "whipped it out," but I still feel like an idiot. But you'd understand it if you'd seen it... it looks like a friggin urinal! It's one of those wierd-ass sinks shaped like a circle and looking like a urinal because it's a giant plastic tub, where you step on a thing on the floor (conviently hidden UNDER the sink so you can't see it without bending over) to activate the water. And the soap, too, was confusing as all hell. Took me about 40 seconds to figure it out.

      I like the lunch room, though. You have to walk through the smoking break room (since smokers are not allowed outside to smoke), but it's nice. There was one of those turning vending machines that cold stuff is kept in, and it had lots of vegetarian things in there as well as other stuff. At DeLong if I forgot my lunch I was pretty much screwed because they rarely had anything in their refridgerated vending machine that I could eat, but here if I forget my lunch I can buy a very good meal there. Oh, and pop is only a quarter! Though I'm not sure if there's anything caffeine-free in there... does anyone know if Fanta has caffeine in it? Anyway, there's always Aquafina. And if you ever need a cup for coffee or water, I checked in the cupboards out of idle curiosity, and they have enough styrofoam cups to give one to every person in Creston, almost.

      Only bad thing thus far is that I don't know when my first day off will be... we'll be working 7 days a week until they hire more people to take the load off. Though luckily we do get holidays like Thanksgiving and Xmas, New Year's, Memorial Day, and Labor Day off. So next day off as far as I can see (I hope I am wrong in this) is Thanksgiving day.

      It will help some that I know a little Spanish. My first day and I already met a woman who speaks no English.

Chaotic Blessings;
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