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Two cool things

Just got a couple things today from Amazon: a 16 GB thumb drive, and a high-speed file transfer cable. This one huge file I never got off of Nora (Apple laptop) is now being copied to Q (pc laptop). And interestingly enough, it only took two tries to get Nora started up properly. (Last time, it took about a dozen tries.)

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May. 28th, 2011 10:19 pm (UTC)
You name your computers? What kind of weird crap is that? Um, wait...

I have a phone named Batty,several named stuffed animals that are there for "medical" or other "necessary" functions, and um, every vehicle we've had since leaving home has had a name. (White and tan van named Irma, gold T-bird named N.E. [Nocturnal Emission for the handling], and a dark green Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme originally named Gabriel, but later nicknamed "The Little Mean Green Machine." Oh yeah, and the old computer (RIP) was named Sinister, as in left-handed.

Hope your computer continues to work better.

- Troy
May. 28th, 2011 10:42 pm (UTC)
LOL, yeah. I name computers. My first computer was Franky, short for Frankenputer since he was made from components from a bunch of different companies. Franky ran Windows 3.1. He's still at Mom's house, so technically speaking, I could have her mail him over.

Then I got Ahnai, a Dell PC running Windows XP. Then Mom got me a used Apple laptop I named Nora. Then when Ahnai and Nora both started kicking the bucket, I bought Q, a Compaq laptop. Q was named after one of my characters, not the Q from Star Trek, but because I intended my new desktop and the laptop to connect to each other, I thought it would be funny to name the desktop Picard. :-D

I don't name phones, but I do have a bunch of stuffed animals and toys just because I like them. There's a My Buddy doll named Buddy, a couple of non-blond Barbies named Mercedes (hispanic) and Shandra (black). There's also Patch Cat (he's a cat that looks like he's made of patchwork), Tracy the Tiger, Princess Sunflower the Fairy, Mr. Mephistopheles the Rabbit, a child-sized blond doll named Olivia I got because she looks like Molly Elizabeth (my inner child), Dakota Bear, an orca stuffy and a wolf stuffy whom I don't have names for but I'm trying to find names for, and a bunch of little ones I haven't named yet (another bear, another rabbit, a sheep, a turtle), oh! And Calamity Coyote.

I named cars, though. My whole family does. Don't know what Dad and Mom call their current two cars, but the first I remember was a classic, red Monte Carlo named Bessy. Then was a Pontiac Sunbird named Sunny, who was mine for a while. Then I had a Dodge car, I forget the model, it was wine colored and I named her Meg. (The Dodge emblem of a ram made me think "megs of RAM," which was before I was aware of computers with Gigs of RAM.)

Nora got cranky before I could finish. Maybe another day.
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