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Annoying wheelchair dude strikes again.

Yesterday I went on the bus to get to this one park to walk around, get out of the house for a while. At the stop was this one wheelchair guy I loathe because he's one of those "pity me, I'm crippled and can't do anything for myself." If he was really that helpless, the state would have gotten him an assistant. I have seen things and heard things about the man that make me know he's playing up his problems for sympathy. He also stole money from me once by asking if he could get a $5 bill in exchange for some ones; I handed him the fiver and got $3 back. When I asked for the other two, he pretended like he couldn't understand me and couldn't speak. I gave up, and ever since, I avoid him like the plague. He's one of two wheelchair-bound guys I know of in the area. The other one is cool, and friendly, capable and confident, and not a lying prick like Mister Pity Me.

Anyway, Mister Pity Me was at the bus stop, having once more convinced some poor schmuck to wheel him up the ramp even though he's perfectly capable of moving himself around. Which would not have been post-worthy. What made me want to post this entry was what happened next... the bus driver asks for the fare, which for most people is about $2, and for people with disabilities (physical or mental; I'm able to get the discounted rates because of the same issues that keep me from getting/keeping a job) it is cheaper. I don't remember the exact number, maybe $1, because I get the monthly passes. Anyway, Mister Pity Me mumbles some response and basically plays the "I'll pretend I can't be understood" game. But the bus driver keeps asking if he has the fare, and MPM finally manages to clearly say "No." He refuses to pay. The bus driver, fed up and time wasting, gives up and lets the bastard ride for free. He *did* warn the guy about being "on your own" if fare inspectors caught him, though. And called it in once the guy got off at the MAX stop.

Personally, in the bus driver's position, I would have kicked him off if he refused to pay. But that might partially be colored by the fact that I loathe and detest Mister Pity Me.

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