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From Twitter 05-11-2011

  • 03:24:47: From Twitter 05-10-2011
  • 04:46:37: The stupid (on the part of the people firing him), it burns!
  • 14:29:49: I favorited a @YouTube video Hostages Trapped Inside Walmart Insisting They Never Shop A
  • 14:58:05:, translated "thinking machine" into Czech, got "mašinka." Trans that from Czech to check it, means "choo-choo train"
  • 15:00:59: RT @ddate: Today is Sweetmorn,the 58th day of Discord in the YOLD 3177
  • 15:19:30: I favorited a @YouTube video Animate This! featuring George Tekai
  • 17:01:10: Damn laptop being stupid
  • 17:05:11: Didn't realize until I'd ordered it that Lipton loose leaf tea was caffeinated. Oh well. Doing 3 parts decaf to 2 parts caff.
  • 17:05:52: Trying brie for the first time ever. It's pretty good stuff. Not my favorite, but good.
  • 17:06:56: Bleh. So, with graphics tablet not working right, I suppose that means I should write instead of draw.
  • 17:11:49: Kinda stuck on this one chapter. If only I could think of a great idea for another chapter, go back to this one later.
  • 17:12:48: Also wondering if I should rewrite the chapter I'm stuck on, use 1st person perspective instead of my usual 3rd person omniscient selective.
  • 17:13:36: I already have one chapter in 1st person, excusing the perspective shift by making it an entry in Forizano's journal.
  • 17:14:36: Only a couple hours til the meetup, maybe I'll brainstorm or worldbuild instead of writing.
  • 17:16:02: Blargh. Hot dogs for breakfast, not wise. Tasty, but 3 hot dogs lasts no longer than a single sandwich. IE, not long.
  • 17:38:23: Neat weather things
  • 17:45:30: What the actual fuck, Facebook?
  • 18:05:40: My theory: Facebook censors LiveJournal crossposts if they say something bad about Facebook, hence my having to post it manually.
  • 18:06:50: My computer problems today MIGHT be my fault; I actually uttered the words "there's no way this day could get more annoying" earlier. #jinx
  • 18:09:46: Oh mighty Murphy, I do humbly apologize for incurring the wrath of your Law. Please let's be friends now?
  • 18:10:56: GOP: Do as we say, not as we do. And ignore the naked 13 year old girl under my sheets. #p2 #tcot
  • 18:12:04: #icanttrustyouif you are a tea partier or a Republican, especially a politician.
  • 18:19:04: Dual boot computing with Linux?
  • 18:20:19: RT @WTFWednesdayPic: The 3rd stage he actually becomes Wesley Snipes.
  • 18:20:58: @futureaware Broken link.
  • 18:25:09: Giving up on brainstorming. Cannot brain, I has teh dumb.

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