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I downloaded, burned to disk, and tried out several Linux OS's, booting from disk. I decided I liked Kubuntu, and so I began the install. And for no sane reason, it was fucking around with the external 2 TB drive instead of the laptop's main drive, and I didn't know until it was too late. Now I have to scan the 2 TB drive and I've prayed to every Deity I know that all the files on it will be alright. In the meantime, I WANT TO FUCKING SCREAM BECAUSE WHY THE FUCKING HELL WOULD KUBUNTU EVEN FUCKING TRY TO INSTALL ITSELF ON AN EXTERNAL DRIVE INSTEAD OF THE FUCKING MAIN HARDDISK!?!?!?! I WISH KUBUNTU HAD A FACE I COULD FUCKING STAB A BILLION TIMES!!!!

I swear to everything holy, if the files on my 2 TB drive aren't perfectly okay, I will hunt down the bastards who programmed it to do that and shove a ton of broken glass up their fucking assholes!!!

Also pissed at myself; had I known this was even the remotest possibility, I would have turned the external drive off first.

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