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A fun flash fiction story

I've had this idea for a while, never written it down before. Trying now. It's from my "Untitled Novel Number 23"/"Ye Olde Goldyn Appyl Presse" world.

~ ~ ~

"Destroyer of Worlds"
By = Tristan A. Arts

The sky was red as blood, and great pillars of smoke rose into the air. The ground shook so violently that only The Destroyer, a dark humanoid solid shadow, was able to stand, as chunks of rock the size of nations rose violently from the earth and into orbit, magma trailing in their wake. Yet these were but a minor reflection of the greater violence, as the other planets in the system were going through the same violent deaths. Even the sun, which was still young, was in such upheaval that it was about to go nova. Most of the stars in the universe had already exploded, as the very fabric of the universe was seizing and tearing apart. The Destroyer laughed with evil pleasure as the universe burned. The sound would have been haunting, echoing across the stars, had there been anyone left alive to hear it.

The portal was beginning to open. The Destroyer knew it was almost time. Soon would come the final seizure, the last gasp as the entire universe exploded. He would use the power of the dying universe to feed himself and power the portal. Then the same process would begin in the next one. For millions of years, The Destroyer had done this. His power was so great, now, that he estimated the next universe would be dead in a mere week, but the violence would begin almost immediately.

"I AM THE DESTROYER OF WORLDS," his voice shook the universe. "FOR MILLIONS OF YEARS I HAVE DESTROYED UNIVERSES TO FEED MYSELF. MY POWER IS UNFATHOMABLE EVEN TO GOD, AND SOME DAY I WILL DESTROY EVEN THAT PATHETIC ENTITY." The universe gave its last gasp of life then, unfathomable destructive energy funneling into him.

He stepped into the portal, the universe behind him disappearing from existence as he stepped upon the soil of a virgin planet. "PUNY MORTALS, TREMBLE IN FEAR! COWER IN TERROR! LET YOUR HEARTS AND SOULS OVERFILL WITH DREAD, TO SHRIVEL AND DIE FROM PURE DESPAIR!" His laughter echoed across the cosmos, filling all of life with dread that was almost palpable.

Sitting at a table in front of him, watching his melodramatic performance with looks of stunned surprise were Coyote, Eris, Loki, and Saint Gulik, who had been in the middle of a poker game as The Destroyer had come into the world. The first to recover was Eris, who frowned in annoyance at The Destroyer as he continued to laugh. With a casual, back-hand flick of Her arm, The Destroyer shrunk, his deep, booming voice getting higher and higher pitched until it turned into a meow. The small black kitten with red eyes stood there with a look of confusion on its face, meowing.

"Now that I've gotten rid of that annoying insect, we can get back to our game," Eris said, and they paid the kitten no more heed.

Inside his new body, the now-powerless Destroyer bellowed his rage endlessly, but all that came from his mouth was meows. His voice no longer echoed across the stars. Enraged, he ran away into the night, his meows of rage barely audible.

~ ~ ~ END ~ ~ ~

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