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Annoyed at several things in regard to RAM

Goddamn HP website lied to me about what kind of RAM my laptop needs. I very carefully got from Amazon what the website said my laptop needed, and come to find out it's not what it takes. Also, website led me to believe the 2 GB of RAM the machine came with were built into the machine, and there were two slots for adding more RAM. I am so tired of HP's lies. First they printed on the box for my laptop that it has a webcam, but it doesn't, and isn't supposed to come with one (even though there's a hole where a webcam should be). Then they lied about the configuration of memory inside. Come to find out, there is no built-in RAM (which is completely stupid), and the machine came with a 2 GB RAM chip in one of only two available slots. So now I have to return the RAM I ordered, which I have pretty much done already; just have to drop the box off at a UPS drop box.

So I ended up having to pay twice as much to get the right kind of RAM from Office Depot because of incorrect information on the HP website. Which the Office Depot guy had to order for me from the Office Depot website because they didn't have it in the store. About the only good thing to come from this is that I found out my laptop can take as much as two 4GB RAM chips, for a total RAM of 8GB. And it was the same price as the 2GB RAM chips. So, in a week's time or less, I shall have gone up from 2 GB of RAM all the way to 8 GB of RAM. Which is pretty cool.

Also managed to find some sticker paper for use in printers, which I'd been looking for. Printed the shipping label for the Amazon return on a sheet of it, it works awesomely!

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