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A thought on my weird sleeping habits.

Okay, I know part of my sleeping habits being weird is my being nocturnal, but I think there's more to it. I'm starting to wonder if my Otherkin-ness is to blame, at least partially. Traipah has longer days than nights, I forget how much longer. But I think Traipahni days are around twice as long as their nights. At the very least, their planet doesn't wobble on its axis like Earth does, and so they have one season all year long, and no changes in how long their days and nights are. (NO DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME, EITHER!!!)

Now, whether this is a soul influence or just psychosomatic, I dunno. But I do think it's an influence. Hell, if my having two inner children in here can physically manifest as my body trying to smell like the clean, earthy scent of children AND the more fragrant adult smell, and succeeding at neither (true fact!), then it makes sense that having two aliens in my head (three, if you count Shao'Kehn) from a planet with long days and short nights would have an effect on me.

But sometimes it's just weird. Took 1 5mg dose of melatonin last night, it did nothing at all. I took 2 doses at midnight, and it made me sleepy for a while, then I stopped being sleepy, and now I'm starting to get sleepy again.

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