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I did another drawing!

Please enjoy "Jet-powered Super Monkeys Versus Inter-dimensional Cyber-Squids," based on a prompt by a Twitter follower:

As you can see, it is a super-powered monkey fighting a robotic squid from another dimension. The ray-gun shooting off to one side is meant to indicate that there are other super-powered monkeys fighting other cyber-squids, and the squid is defending not only itself but its companions as well.

This one was difficult to draw, but fun and challenging. I drew the monkey first, then thought it looked like he had his arms around something, so I thought it would be cool if he and the squid were locked in mortal combat. Did some erasing to put the squid in place, more erasing to put arms about the monkey's head and jet-pack. How the monkey keeps from burning his tail? His super-powers, of course. Super-strength (hence the gashes in the squid, and its broken arm) and invulnerability.

The black splotch by the monkey's head is supposed to be oil, in lieu of ink. They must be in space or the ocean or something, given how the oil is shaped. I'm guessing space; the monkey can hold its breath or something, I suppose. The lightning bolt shaped bit is supposed to be electricity arcing, I didn't know how to draw it. Also, the "transdimensional discombobulator" is supposed to look a little like a flux capacitor.

I also want to take a moment to consider the ideologies of the two sides. Who is in the right? Are the monkeys protecting Earth against these trans-dimensional invaders? Or are the monkeys the invading force? Or maybe they're both in a pub and got into a drunken argument over which Glee character is the best. Who knows? I don't.

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