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The great iced tea experiment

Given that I typically use 6 teabags when I brew up iced tea, I decided to try using loose leaf tea, to save paper. Currently experimenting with what English Breakfast Tea (decaf) tastes like as an iced tea. I'm sure I'll either love it or hate it. If I hate it, I'll see if I can locate Black Pekoe and/or Orange Pekoe in loose leaf form, seeing as that's what Lipton uses.

How am I doing this? Well, I ordered this thing from that you put in loose leaf tea, hot water, let it steep, then put the thing on top of the cup to fill the cup up. Made some good, if strong, hot tea with it a little bit ago. With as much as I have in there now for the iced tea, it will have to be diluted into iced tea because otherwise it would be strong enough to wake the dead even being decaf.

Also did product registration for my electric kettle. Man, I love this thing!

PS = Also with my tea brewy thingy, I got a CD-ROM dictionary/thesaurus so I don't *have* to write at places with wifi.

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