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Superheroine: Codename "Reset."

I have a character that a lot of comics universes could really use. One day, I was watching some superhero movie where lots of stuff was getting blown up or smashed or otherwise destroyed, and I got to thinking about how that would get cleaned up. I thought about some other possibilities people came up with, then I came up with my own: a super-powered girl whose codename is Reset. Her power is the ability to magically fix anything by pointing her palm at it and saying "Reset!" A flash of light erupts from her palm, and things start flying back together. Glass pieces fly back together and become whole. Bits of buildings that some super punched off fly back as though the damage hadn't happened. Cars that are squashed or blown up reassemble themselves back to normal.

I've been playing with this character for over a year now, actually, and her powers have expanded. She can fix people, too. Damaged or even dead, she can Reset them even if they're in 100 pieces or more, as long as those pieces are all in range of her powers. So if someone or something was broken into 20 pieces and scattered around the world, then Reset wouldn't work on them. And her powers also don't work if the body has been rotting past a certain point. But if they're embalmed well enough, she might be able to bring back someone who's been dead for years. Not sure yet. But she mainly focuses on repairing the damage of recent battles. She also has a day job working at - surprise, surprise - a repair shop where she guarantees she can fix anything (except a broken heart. Unless that's meant literally). She also might secretly visit hospitals and Reset people suffering from cancer and other diseases.

Oh, one other aspect to her powers: if some of the pieces are missing on something she's trying to fix, her powers tell her what's missing, how to make a replacement, or how/where to find the missing piece(s).

I figure she could be an excellent tool not just in the day-to-day stuff of cleaning up messes, but also as a plausible and sensible way to bring back deceased heroes so they don't have to come up with convoluted and ridiculous storylines of how the heroes keep coming back.

I even have a possibility for a history for her, that her ancestors had the same powers (or similar) and in some cases were taken for saints, or in other cases taken for witches and burned.

Heh. I think of Reset whenever something gets destroyed in these superhero movies/TV shows. :-D

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