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      Shao'Kehn has a bizarre sensee of humor, but She's never cruel. We moved to Creston though Mom's job was in Lenox, because there would be more job opportunities in Creston than in Lenox. How ironic, then, that I now have a job at Michael Foods in Lenox! Yes, I'm employed now! Tomorrow's my first day! Yipee! :-D My first paycheck won't be until twoo weeks from tomorrow, but still! :-) The spell worked! I gave the spell two weeks to get me a job (a little extra push, as I was filling out app after app and not getting anything) and it did it with about five days left before the time expired. This is how well it worked: UPS kept trying to get a hold of me, I had an interview at Hy'Vee and one at Subway in the space of a couple of days, and then the interview at Michael Foods in Lenox which is where I work now!
      Michael Foods makes lots of things. It's a national company. This particular branch, though, makes egg products that they sell to other companies. Like they make the egg patties for Burger King's breakfast sandwiches, and another example given was sometimes Kraft foods orders 100 gallons or more of egg yolks mixed with salt. WOW! I'll be working in the new wing, Precooked East, and it'll be quite busy until they hire more people. Could take a month for that. So I don't know how much time I'll have to be online, and what time I do have will be devoted first to Bart. So don't get too worried if you don't hear from me for a while... there will be overtime.

      Anyway, there's always something funny about the jobs I get. Usually funny in a "this would be funnier if it were happening to someone else" sort of way, but not too bad. My first job was working laundry at a nursing home, second was Greeter at the most evil corporation in all the universe, then I was a telephone solicitor (an evil profession indeed), then sewing at DeLong (the best and kindest joke yet AFAIK), and now Michael Foods in Lenox.

      I didn't know how to get to Lenox, me being directionally challenged and due also to the fact that it wasn't until this morning I thought to ask Mom how to get there, and by then no one else was home. Mapquest helped a little, but I had the directions start at my house instead of at Subway (where I was just getting off an interview), and so I was getting all confused by the directions and trying to adapt them to my new position.
      Finally ended up having to follow a guy who said he was going there anyway and would let me follow him. He confused me too, though, with the brief instructions before we left, because he said something about he was turning left but I had to go straight. But that was in town, and I got all confused and missed a turn from the highway. Luckily, he was kind enough to wait for me. He was one of those kind people you can't help but trust. Anyway, he ended up guiding me all the way to Michael Foods. I never knew his name. Well, dude, if you're reading this now, and you recognize it as yourself, then I say Thank You. Many thanks, my dear sir. The male in the wine-red car thanks you for your help.

      Both of the interviews I had today went exceptionally well. All my interviews have this time. I like it. And now the spell is complete. I have released it.

      On the way to Lenox, I noticed something awesome... a house built into a hill. You know, with a lawn on the walls and roof as well as around it. I just absolutely ADORE houses like that, and so I was all like WOW! I want a house like that someday. Though a bigger one than the one I saw. Unless there were underground chambers. But I would like at least some windows, I like light sometimes. :-)

      My first day at work is tomorrow, the orientation. Learn the basics of how the job is done, do tax paperwork, get a tour of the building, that sort of stuff. Only will last 4 hours if all goes well, so I will eat lunch out. I also told Meg (my car) that I'd give her a well-deserved bath tomorrow. I held off doing it before then because money was getting low. Now I know I'll have money coming in two week's time, and I have more than enough to last me that long. It's just that when you're uncertain about when the next paycheck will come, I tend to be more tight about money.
      You know, another thing I can do now is take my phone into radio shack to see if I can get it fixed. I lost the antennae for it, and so now it doesn't work. So I'm borrowing a blue phone of Mom's until mine can get fixed or replaced. I hope I can get it fixed, I love it. It's an awesome phone, a portable. The base sits on one spot and sends the signal to the phone. It's cool. The phone I have now is okay, but it isn't portable. It makes me feel important to have it on the desk so I can answer right away. :-) I used to answer the phone with a "hello?" But now I answer it with an "Arts' Residence." The lady at Michael Foods thought it was funny that Mom, an art teacher at Lenox, is named Mrs. Arts. :-)

      There are people in the world who just seem to be familiar to you, even if you've never seen them before. You know, people who you think "Why do I know that person?" But no matter how long you try to figure out why you know them, you will never succeed because you never did know them... they just look like someone you knew, and you can't place them. Either that or you recognize their soul but can't place them. There was one such person at Michael Foods today, who was waiting for his interview. He came off as effeminate, though he could've been straight as much as gay. I tend not to judge people's sexuality by their behavior. I mean, I usually act completely normal in public, so you'd never guess by the way I talk or my behavior that I was transgendered or bisexual. And there are metrosexuals, too... straight men who act almost stereotypically gay either because they're just that kind of personality or affecting the behaviors to attract women. So I don't judge by covers.

      Enough for today.

Chaotic Blessings;
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