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The Djao'Mor'Terra Collective

I hate the options in this damn town.

My best options for places to go to do writing/etc in this town were Ohana Cafe and Morning Fix Cafe, but now Morning Fix is out of business. I'm currently at Case Study Coffee, which is closer than Ohana, but closes at 6 PM. I like that Ohana is open til 9pm on weeknights, but their food - while okay - is expensive, and the only drink options they have are soda, fruit punch (which is excellent), and this gods-awful sweet tea that makes normal sweet tea (which is complete shit) taste pleasant by comparison. Everything else in the area closes at ungodly-early times. It's one of the few major things I hate about Portland: no night life. For a place whose motto is "Keep Portland Weird!", there is a surprisingly potent compliance to the whims of Homo Sapiens Diurnalus. It's not quite as bad as small-town Iowa in that respect, but it comes pretty close.

In other news, I need something to keep dust and crumbs off my keyboard but not get in the way of the keys/my typing.

Oh, and note to self: it's been raining the last few days/last week. Your emergency umbrella is not quite as small as a dinner plate, but it comes close. Take the big, bulky umbrella with you for the next week, if you go out.

EDIT: I don't even really like coffee. I only drink it when I'm out at a coffee shop. I prefer places like this one, where I can order tea. Actual tea, black, no fucking sweeteners. (Seriously, who's the fool who decided to put sugar in tea?)

Also, I *could* go to Tosis Restaurant, but they have no wifi. Since I use the online dictionary, thesaurus, Google, and as writing tools, this isn't a good thing.

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