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From Twitter 03-14-2011

  • 02:59:02: RT @discordianquote: Epistemological relativism may be true for you, but it isn't true for everyone.
  • 03:09:11: From Twitter 03-13-2011
  • 03:11:54: I uploaded a YouTube video -- An announcement
  • 03:31:18: @AIRIGOAGAIN Yeah, Stephanie's got short hair. Me, my hair goes down to the middle of my back when it's loose.
  • 14:40:57:
  • 16:02:09: I feel foolish
  • 16:42:14: *Sigh* Lilla was supposed to be here 41 minutes ago. I think she forgot about daylight savings.
  • 16:43:10: While looking for a spare pen for my Wacom tablet, found a used tablet with pen on eBay. Might be able to get it for $60.
  • 16:43:32: Should've gone with eBay to begin with, could have saved me a bunch of money. Ah well.
  • 17:09:30: Somebody wants that Wacom tablet far worse than I do. Okay, I'll just buy the pen on its own from this other eBayer.
  • 17:16:55: The styluses for these Bamboo tablets are kinda pricey. I just paid $29 for one, not counting shipping and handling, and that was a cheap 1.
  • 17:17:50: But it'll be good to have a spare. Leave one in something I take with me everywhere, the other at home.
  • 17:19:07: I luv Gmail notifier, espe. w/ the LCARS sounds on the computer. Every time I get a message, it says "priority 1 message from Starfleet"
  • 17:20:45: Seems some people have been having problems getting LJ notifications. Just got a msg saying it's due to LJ being put on a spam list
  • 17:21:17: a 3rd party. Which in turn is due to spammers abusing the LJ notification system. Damn spammers.
  • 17:22:27: @garethnelson By that, do you mean an LCARS emulator?
  • 17:32:58: Thanks to Google, I can now test using a monitor and keyboard with my laptop (by finding out how to change lid-closing settings).
  • 17:33:38: Now, when I close the lid on my laptop while it's plugged in, it does nothing. So when I get home I'll test that.
  • 17:34:22: Of course, I still don't have a PS2-to-USB converter for my ergonomic keyboard. Oh well. I *think* I have a USB keyboard.
  • 17:40:23: Something weird I saw at Goodwill the other day: looked like a mouse, but wasn't. All it had was lights for caps lock, num lock, etc.
  • 18:41:40: LOL! "Winnie Ille Pu," or "Winnie The Pooh" in Latin:
  • 19:02:47: Just confirmed what I suspected: the graphics tablet is useless for drawing without the pen. It won't accept a solid plastic stylus.
  • 19:04:30: It makes me wonder if there's some kind of magnetic or RFID thing in the stylus.
  • 19:06:23: After all, the light on the tablet changes color when the stylus comes within about a centimeter of the surface of the tablet.

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