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My day, full of drawing, writing, and a meetup. (Includes drawings)

Today was a meetup day. As such, I decided to go to the restaurant the meetup is at a couple hours early so I could write and/or draw on my laptop. Yes! I couldn't get my graphics tablet to work with Nora, my old iBook, but my new laptop, Q (yes, my laptop is named Q), loves the graphics tablet. Aside from him having a slight preference for it being in the right-side USB slot, I can plug and unplug the tablet at will, and Q is just fine with it; the tablet works fine every time. Which is more than I can say for the mouse.

I got to the restaurant only to find that there were no outlets anywhere, so I left in search of somewhere else to go. I finally found this place called "Immortal Pie and Larder," with a perfect spot visible from outside. I went in expecting to get like a lemon pie or something, but most of their pies look like some kind of pot pie, with things like beef in them. They only had two kinds of sweet pies. I don't remember one, but the other was a chocolate pie. So i got one of those (they're small) and some tea. Sat down, set things up, got served. I began eating my pie.

Okay, so this chocolate pie... I thought I couldn't go wrong with chocolate. Well... I could. And did. This pie was just sweet enough to be edible, and tasted like baking chocolate, except it was salty. This pie was not even nominated for the category of "yummy." This pie was to pies as the extremely plain girl that almost nobody notices was to the Miss America Pageant: somebody, somewhere, will fall in love with it, but I doubt most would.

Still, the tea was good, and it's close by, and I liked the lady working there, she was nice. So I'll go back again, next time there's a meetup in the area.

Oh, and when she gave me more hot water, she had it in something I immediately recognized and which made me say in wonder, "OMG, is that an electric kettle? Where'd you get it?" She said she got it at Target, which surprised me; I didn't think electric kettles were sold in the States. I must go to Target, now, and at least see how much they cost.

So at the pie place, I drew a scene from where I was sitting, first. I'm not great at drawing things I see, but I figured it would make a kind of impressionistic sort of piece. Then I did a much better job on my second drawing the cup and saucer with the tea in it.

Here are the two drawings I did there:


After drawing those two, I started writing down this micro-scene I'd thought up while on the bus. More on that in another post. But I didn't quite finish it before leaving for the meetup.

When I got to the meetup 10 minutes early, there were already half a dozen people there, including Sorcha, the group founder, who is normally not there until 7 on the dot. My usual spot was taken, but I got a spot next to it. I spent 10 minutes finishing the micro-scene, then put the laptop away.

Later, after eating and after having wanted to bring up the topic of my graphics tablet the whole time and not being able to bring myself to do it, I got out my laptop, plugged in the tablet, and just started drawing. Which got comments like "Oh, what are you drawing?" with positive lilts, something I'd never heard outside of art class before, because I usually draw at home. I showed everyone the first drawing, when I was mostly finished, which is this one:

That sun and flames thing at the top was what I started with, it was on the wall of the restaurant (Chinese place). Then the rest of it just sort of came to me.

The whole time I was drawing, I was also listening and chiming in with comments here and there.

When I was done with the first drawing, I started on this one:

I call it "Jester Pentagram."

And that was my day.

EDIT: Had to replace the first image, it was accidentally saved as a transparency the first time.

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