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My day, in which I was a little naughty.

So I dragged Brooke over to the Mac Store because she wanted to go somewhere else, and also wanted to ask the Mac Store people some questions. I went primarily, though, because my iBook, Nora, was making weird noises. Explained things to the tech guy there, he looked at some stuff, and decided that the fan wasn't working right. (Which I've known for some time.) Also, that there was likely heat fractures. The question mark of doom was because I had a disc in the optical drive, and it was trying to boot from that for some reason. Also, the hard drive is dying. He looked up some things online, and no wonder! Nora is 14 years old, and whoever had her before me likely got it loaded with OS 7. A computer made for OS 7, trying to run OS 10.4; no wonder it's having difficulties! It's running an OS that is 6 upgrades higher than it was meant for. I'm gonna get the files off of her and retire the poor lass.

I *was* just going to get a Dana (think Palm Pilot with an actual keyboard attached) and an electronic dictionary/thesaurus for writing. Brooke dragged me to Office Depot to look at some things. I happened to spot a laptop about the same size as Nora for just $299.99 after instant markdown of $120, and a $30 mail in rebate. Which was the same price as this tiny little Acer-like netbook next to it. So I was a naughty girl and got me a new laptop, though I hadn't been intending to do so. It is a Hewlett Packard Presario CQ62 Notebook PC with Windows 7. Only thing I don't like about it so far is the built-in cursor buttons. They don't click like Nora's does, and they're hard to use. So I'll be using a mouse with it.

But, I figure not only can I have all the programs on it that Nora had (Windows versions, of course), but also I can install my graphics tablet! And take my tablet and laptop (which so far has the boring name of Fayanora-HP) out and about, and do drawing stuff while out. :-D

I shall have to do much penance and self-flogging for such a splurge. But I'll do that after I enjoy my new laptop some more (which I am writing this from now). Oh, and one other thing: the keyboard keys tap, which I like.

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