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Human lifespan on Lyria's world

An interesting little something about human lifespan on Orion, the planet Lyria lives on: the presence of magic makes humans live longer than they would without it. Even if they don't use magic, just being exposed to ambient magic all one's life makes one healthier and longer lived, and retards the aging process. How long a non-mage (mage being someone who uses magic) can live, I haven't decided yet. Probably, though, most people regularly survive their hundredth birthday (in Earth years. I don't know how long an Orion year is yet. I should probably get on that). You know how people say things like "50 is the new 40"? Well 100 is the 50 of Orion. Which I guess means non-mages could live to be 200. Yeah, I like that. I'm going with that.

As for human mages, I had already decided that 1,000 Earth years is the upper limit for their life-span. Technically, a mage could live longer than 1000, but without significant modifications to the brain/body, they'd be completely senile for anything past 1000. Senility becomes a serious risk around age 930 or so.

Oh, and I might slip in a little bit about one specific part of the Bible being true: Methuselah and other long-lived humans really existed on Earth, once upon a time; they were mages. This was back when magic was just as potent on Earth as it is on Orion. But at some point after Jesus Christ's life, something happened that all but killed magic on Earth. Magic has been slowly recovering ever since.

Back to Orion's year... Orion is a strange planet. It was artificially created by the Vecerti (Gods). It could not exist without magic, either, as it is impossibly big. It has the surface area of Jupiter, and is hollow (reducing its gravity), supported on the inside by a shell of adamantium, and adamantium beams. There are life-forms that live in the hollow realm, and there are portals extant to go back and forth between the surface and the Hollow.

With that already existing weirdness in mind, I think I'm going to add to that weirdness. It's probably a massive violation of the laws of physics, but hey, Orion already is; Orion's year is basically the same as an Earth year, and its day is just slightly longer than Earth's day... hmm... maybe a 30 hour day? With 15 hours of night and 15 hours of daylight? Hmm... sounds about right. Of course, this makes an Orion week 42 hours longer than an Earth week. *ponders* *shrugs* (Also, a 31 day month on Orion is 186 hours longer than one on Earth. Which means that if they used a similar calendar, their year is 91.25 days longer than ours. Any math beyond that point gets me into Ye Olde Realms of Confusion.)

Why I made Orion so weird, when I first thought of it, I'm not really sure. Though it IS one of the biggest battlefields in the wars between the Gods.

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(Deleted comment)
Feb. 21st, 2011 09:07 am (UTC)
Could have something to do with a demigod being nailed to a piece of wood.

In that storyverse, Jesus was just a mage. Not a demigod.

But seriously, I'm not sure if in your storyverse magic is consumed when used or if the amount of magic available is independent of whether it is used. If it is consumed, it would seem that Jesus used it all up when he did whatever it was he did about sin, in which he also sacrificed his own life.

No. It was a battle of the gods that did it. Jesus was just a human mage.

You could even twist the Bible story so the removal of magic from Earth was a strategic move to make sure evil couldn't use it. Without magic available, evil chose the second best way to control people - religion. With its cruel sense of humor it decided that Christianity was to be one of the religions to be perverted away from its original teachings the most.

That's not a half bad idea. I'll consider it.
Feb. 21st, 2011 12:24 pm (UTC)
Whispers in the Sands
The Neutrino Dampers were installed deep under the surface of the Earth in the mid 7th Century CE. Pretty much put an end to reliable magick. It was the only way the keep The Whispers in the Sand from getting loose again.

Because they work by modulating Neutrino Flux, they are 100% effective only over a comparatively small area and 95% reliable over large areas. Flux is usually available too briefly to achieve anything useful. For some reason there are hotspots in some places that have usable flows quite often. This is often associated with strange phenomena, like at Loch Ness.

Likewise the moon is equipped with dampers except at the South Pole.
Feb. 22nd, 2011 04:47 am (UTC)
I had an idea about Orion; between the surface and the hollow there is an underground ocean. The interior of the planet has a surface on the inner shell the same way that there is the typical planet surface on the outside. There could be a connection between the three oceans; outer surface, underground ocean, and inner surface.

Also, I forgot what you told me about the light source in the hollow, but I was thinking, what about an "inner sun" at the center, made of luminous gases. This is not plasma in a fusion reaction, but rather some kind of magic concentration, perhaps even a source of magic power or the opposite, a collection of energy from all of the magic used on the planet.

To make it even wierder, I thought that since the planet is the size of Jupiter it could have mountains ten times (or more) higher than mountains on Earth, canyons ten times (or more) deeper than on Earth, and you can have the oceans deeper and the troposphere higher. Basically have everything on Orion scaled up.
Feb. 22nd, 2011 05:11 am (UTC)
The only light source in the Hollow Realm is bioluminescence. I purposefully made it a dark place. :-)

I like the idea of the ocean on the inside of the hollow. There might also be continents. I was originally going to have all Hollow Realm life living on the pylons, but I like the thought of life on the inner surface as well. :-D

I dunno about the supersized mountains and valleys, but I'll give it some thought.
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