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These are all beliefs I hold. No jokes.

* Even though I do not do drugs, and never have, I believe all drugs should be legalized and regulated by the government. ALL drugs. Marijuana, cocaine, everything (with a minimum legal age, like we have for alcohol and tobacco). Put it where it can be seen more easily, and it should become easier to control the negative sides, as well as freeing up prison space. The War on Drugs is a giant money pit where money goes in and gets set on fire.

* I believe in rehabilitation and reeducation over prison. For drugs, yes, but lots of other crimes as well; largely depends on the case.

* Legalize prostitution!

* I believe in nuclear disarmament.

* Our country currently has an enormous military budget and a tiny social budget (health care, education, food stamps, etc). I think it should be the other way around.

* Our education system needs more money, but more importantly it needs a complete overhaul; it needs to be completely re-imagined and remade from the ground up. It is severely outdated. Our current education system is more badly out of date than trying to run an iPhone on 1st-generation MS-DOS with a 32 bod modem.

* The sex offender registry needs to be used ONLY for dangerous people at high risk of reoffending, if at all; if you think they need to be kept track of after they served their time in prison, why not just keep them in prison?

* Tobacco use in public needs to be banned (and other drug use, too, if other drugs are legal). Do that shit at home!

* Smoking tobacco around children needs to be considered child abuse.

* Smoking tobacco around non-smokers should be considered assault with a deadly weapon.

* Legalize gay marriage!

* Legalize polygamous marriage, with the requirement that all parties should know about each other and willingly be entering the marriage fully informed. (IE, if your two wives or two husbands know about each other, know they're in a polygamous marriage, and are fine with it, then it's legal. If you have one wife in San Antonio and another in New York [for example], and they don't know about each other, you are going to jail!)

* Anti-sodomy laws need to be federally recognized as being unconstitutional. If it's consensual, it should be legal.

* Anti-abortion laws should also be federally recognized as being unconstitutional.

* DRM should be illegal.

* Public nudity should be legal as long as you aren't doing something lewd like masturbating in public or waving your willy at passers-by. (With the exception of "HOLY FUCK IT'S BELOW FREEZING OUT HERE, GET SOME GODDAMN CLOTHES ON NOW!!!")

* Free health care for all, with no stupid requirements like "have insurance or get fined"!

* Housing should be a guaranteed human right. No one should have to sleep on the streets.

* Getting enough to eat should be a given, a human right. There is no excuse, in our society, why anyone should be going without food, shelter, or adequate heat.

* The only people who are "lazy bums who don't want to work for a living" are the FILTHY RICH. Everyone else needs something constructive to do, eventually, or they start going bonkers.

* Our education system and our employment system need to focus less on programming people to be good little workers, and focus MORE on figuring out how a person's unique skills and talents would best work for getting them a career that won't crush their soul (and help them actually GET said good jobs), and will actually make good use of their talents. Our current system is inefficient and unproductive because creative people are getting stuck in soul-crushing, menial jobs while the jobs requiring creativity are going to mindless corporate drones who wouldn't know an original thought if it came up and introduced itself.

There's probably more, but I can't think of any more.

I realized earlier today that I am basically a socialist. I don't know why this surprises me so much.

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