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Went for a walk, got some thinking done.

I was majorly bored earlier, bored out of my everloving mind. So I said Fuck It and went on a walk. Well, went to Ira's Deli to pay my electric bill first (it's a service they provide, they charge $2 for it {plus the cost of the bill of course}) because why not? From there, I went up to Sandy. From Sandy I went along 72nd (I think) and happened across a school I'd never seen before. Elementary or middle school, I couldn't tell for sure. But it was odd because I used to walk in that area frequently when I lived with Lilla, and had never seen that school before. Mainly because you have to actually go down that particular street to see it, which I had never done before. I'd walked along Sacramento before, but never been down that part of 72nd until today. So until I knew where it was in relation to Sacramento, it was a major WTF for me, especially since it was a fairly large school.

From there, I went along the path between Sacramento and the golf course, then up the stairs to Sacramento. I was perplexed that I went up those stairs without even breathing very hard; I used to go up those steps a LOT because they were part of the shortest path from our apartment at the time, to Brooke's... and every time I'd been up those stairs before, it was with lots of huffing and puffing and rest periods even before getting up them all the way. But today, I went right up them without a problem. I'd like to say it was due to my being more in shape, but truth is I'm probably in worse shape now than I was back then. I finally figured out the only reason I took the steps so well that time was because I'd already been walking for about an hour, so I was nicely warmed up. Oh, now that I think about it, those stairs are only about half the climb from the old apartment. The path I used to take goes uphill, then downhill, then uphill again before getting to the stairs, and it's one hell of a climb before you even get to the stairs; in fact, I'd say it's about 75% of the climb to Sacramento.

From the stairs, I went straight ahead to Sandy, turned right and went down to the area of Safeway, rested for a time, and then trudged up Fremont, turning right at 70th. Walked to Prescott, went the rest of the way home from there.

I'm glad I went on a walk, too. It was warmer than usual today, and just the right amount of light. And for most of my walk, I was working out some plans for my Lyria stories. Walks help me think. Or rather, they remove me from any distractions so I can think about things I don't normally devote time to, such as roadblocks in my writing. A walk is no guarantee of an answer, of course; I'd done at least one or two other walks, before I got ill, to try to solve the problems with the Lyria stories. Finally came up with the solutions this time around. Mainly, the problem was this: I knew I couldn't restrict the stories to short story format anymore. It was time to switch to novel format. But how to do that, and integrate the existing stories? I couldn't just string them all along in order I wrote them; for one thing, the first Lyria story I wrote ("Mother") doesn't have Forizano in it, and I wanted to introduce readers to Lyria through Forizano. Also, "Mother" was basically an experiment; I was trying out the characters to see how well they worked. And I didn't want to reveal too much about Lyria too soon, so going back into her past to start the novel wasn't the way I wanted to go.

Anyway, I solved those problems, worked out if "Mother" could be put into the novel anywhere, and came up with enough of an outline to get started on the process of converting the stories to novel form. So it was a productive walk. But I'm a bit tired. I'm just gonna write down some notes and then take a nap.

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