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Tried my hand at MyPaint.

I decided to try a program a friend of mine, who also has a Wacom tablet, was referred to; an open source program called MyPaint, specifically designed for use with graphics tablets.

I must say, I'm impressed. The pencil function actually looks and works like a pencil, and there are several gauges of pencil. There's a hard-erase function and a soft-erase function. There are also several blending tools. My only problems with the program (aside from having to work harder to do things like zoom, pan, and rotate) is that there doesn't seem to be a clearly defined canvas size. This could turn into a plus, of course, since you just keep drawing until you get don't want to go any further. But it does mean I needed to crop the image's canvas in MS Paint.

Oh, also, coloring is harder in MyPaint because - so far - I have yet to find a bucket fill function. The blur function works a little like a paper stub, but blurs details too, meaning I had to go back and redraw some of the details after coloring and shading.

Anyway, I drew a picture of Shao'Kehn/Djao'Kain:

In case it isn't clear, She has four arms in this picture. The black bit on the knife-side of the picture is one of the arms. The black bit on the opposite side is Her hair.
I also added the text in MS Paint after the fact.

Finding a skin tone for Her that looked right was difficult, too.

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