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Tired of being sick!

Since today was second to last day that The Mask would be on hold for me at the library, and I had a case of mustard (6 units) to pick up at New Season's Market, and because I was fed up with being indoors all the time, I went out today. Oh yeah, this was after trying to get to sleep, and realizing that even if I were actually tired, the irritating game of "cough just as you're drifting off" was going again.

It was okay outside. Still a bit nippy, but not bad. I can smell spring in the air. I checked when the bus was gonna be coming, and it was going to be 15 minutes, so I said "Bugger that" and walked up 57th to Killingsworth. A few minutes later, the 72 arrived and it wasn't long til I was at New Season's Market, buying my mustard. I stopped at Walgreen's and got some of those little packets of tissues because I'd forgotten to bring any tissues with me. I walked the ten blocks to catch the 75 since I always seem to forget that it's ten blocks. Just missed the first bus. It was gonna take something like 20 minutes for the next one, and I was hungry, so I stopped in this little Mexican place and had a black bean and chicken burrito. Finished that, got on the line 75 bus, went to the library. Got The Mask and a couple books on tape because being stuck at home with illness for a week is so boring it reminds me of that line I used once to describe Portland: "Portland winters get so grey that sometimes you're tempted to attempt suicide through wrist cutting just to see some color for a change." (No, I don't actually cut. *Shudders at the thought*)

Seanan McGuire's song "Silent Hill" has been getting me interested in the movie for some reason, and neither Redbox nor the library has it, so after the library I went to an actual video rental store (the only one I know of that's still in business). The place is about 3 times bigger than I had thought it was. Lots of DVDs. Some VHS, too. Since my VCR works and the DVD player attached to it works only on occasion, I wanted to get some VHS tapes. But the only thing in VHS that was interesting was a couple animes in Japanese with English subtitles. I am not the kind of person who can watch something in a foreign language. If I can't understand what they're saying, I can't follow what's going on. If I wanted to read, I have books. The subtitles frustrate me to no end because I don't read fast enough, and they go by too fast. And if the subtitles lingered too long, that would get confusing as well. And since I would need most sentences to be up for about 5 or 10 seconds at a time, well... I just don't bother with subtitles. I once compared my reading speed to Brooke's... she read a whole page of text in less than a minute. The same text took me somewhere between 5 and 10 minutes to read. Of course, Brooke is some kind of superhero who can read Tolstoy's "War and Peace" in around 5 or 6 hours. But I've compared my reading speed to others, and yes, I am a slow reader.

So I ended up getting three DVDs there. Silent Hill, John Carpenter's "Prince of Darkness," and "Castle In The Sky" (English version). I don't normally like horror, but Prince of Darkness is one that I like. It's creepy, scary without being too scary, and there's no blood that I can recall. More creepy than scary, too, which is a plus.
Although what I like in horror or whatnot can be a little... odd. Usually, I don't like blood. But sometimes I don't mind it. I love the Resident Evil movies. Of course, those kind of walk the line between horror and science fiction, but whatever.
I seriously think the odd mixup of whether or not I can handle blood in something is a part of my multiplicity. I think Alex and Lo can handle blood, and even enjoy the sight of fake blood, but Molly... you so much as get her thinking about real blood and that can trigger all kinds of strange behavior in her.

Anyway, going on. So I got those three DVDs. Checking out was difficult because I can barely hear *myself* talk, let alone anyone else. These ears had better get unclogged in a week or so at the most, I swear, because even though I spent at least 10 years of my childhood almost deaf like this, I've spent the last 10 years (give or take a few years) of my adult life with fairly good hearing. When I was walking down 57th towards Killingsworth, I remember all the way from home I kept being creeped out by the complete and utter lack of any sound. I could hear cars coming, but just barely. Hell, I didn't even hear my phone ring and it was in my pocket! I also can't hear the vent fan over the stove when it's going, and normally that's a fairly loud sound to me. I also can't hear the microwave sounds, or the fridge noises. It's been creepily devoid of sound even in my apartment, which I've been filling with music. I had to bring out my MP3 player while out and about earlier for the same reason; I normally listen to my MP3 player at volume 15, but today I had to crank it up to 25 to hear it. I could not tell you what sounds are missing from my perception of the world, I just know that they are missing, and it's super creepy. I find it hard to imagine spending so much of my childhood with this sense missing.

At least I can still smell and taste things.

Okay, Universe, I get the point; I won't take my good health for granted again. Now please drain the crud out of my ears so I can hear again, please? And get rid of this damned cough. SK,KSLK.

Oh, that's another thing. I was a bit skeptical about the cough being whooping cough, because as much as 15 minutes or more can pass between coughs/coughing fits. Now I'm pretty sure it isn't. If it had been, the antibiotics would have killed it. The fact I still have the cough means it's something else.

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