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Nothing to do but sleep and Internet, when I'm sick. Trying to add variety by watching videos on my TV (in my bedroom). Have to stick to VHS, since the DVD player works sporadically.

Sleep is difficult to get to because every time I get close to sleep, I cough. Goddamn fucking cough.

I'm able to stay at the computer longer now than I was a few days ago. Net time was limited by my illness, making it harder to sit up and a lot easier to get bored. My ass would also hurt faster than normal. Improvements are being made. There was one point in the illness where I'd get on the computer for maybe 15 minutes tops, then go back to sleep.

When I went out earlier to go to the store, I could barely hear anything. Did I really spend most of my childhood with my head so wrapped in cotton and boxed into a wooden crate? One whole sense, almost gone. I'm pretty sure I have my computer speakers (music) on louder than I would normally have music, because I can barely hear it. Earlier, I was playing DVDs on the computer, and I had to turn the volume ALL THE WAY UP to hear it. (Which isn't hugely significant over normal, but still.)

My computer has been on 24/7 for the last several days, which is not normal for it. But my sleep while ill doesn't even pretend to have any kind of schedule, and my normally almost nonexistent patience is in the negative numbers now, so waiting literally 15 minutes for the computer to come on or off when I may only be asleep for three hours, is not a good idea. Hence, why it's on all the time. I don't even put it on sleep mode, that would bog it down so horribly I'd have to restart. I just turn the monitor off, since I have never actually seen the screen saver come on.

I was tempted to play music on it while I tried to get to sleep, since it was on anyway, but realized that the last time I tried to sleep while any kind of music was playing, I couldn't. I don't need any other things making my sleep difficult, so that's out.

Finally received some books I ordered several WEEKS ago.

I wish I could go to the library. I have something there on hold, and if I don't pick it up in two days from now, it will no longer be on hold for me. I wonder if I could call them and switch to having them send it to me in the mail. (They have that option; it costs money.)

I go beddy-bye now, I think.

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