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More on being ill

Last night, I was so exhausted from being ill that I was sleeping two hours at a time, and getting on the computer when I woke up. I was having bizarre dreams about being a huge alien city made up of spacecrafts in a forest.

Finally got to the point where I turned off the computer and went to bed for reals. I was having some kind of fever, the bed was getting so hot that I'm surprised it didn't catch fire. My dreams became too bizarre to describe.

I was waking up every hour or so because of the heat and the fact that everything hurt. After about 6 wakings-up, I grew tired of the heat, threw all my clothes and blankets off, with the fan pointing right at me. It was an improvement, but still my dreams were bizarre and repetitive. A couple more wakings-up and I turned on the overhead light. It didn't get rid of the dreams, but it did help.

By the time I got up for good, my back was aching, my neck and head were screaming in pain, and my stomach was feeling weird; so I took some pain reliever and ate some crackers, and drank some apple juice.

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