The Djao'Mor'Terra Collective (fayanora) wrote,
The Djao'Mor'Terra Collective

Writer's Block: The name game

What's the origin of your username? If you could change it to anything else, would you, and what would it be?
Good question. My username is a made-up name. I have this fictional planet, you see, called Traipah. I adopted the culture and religion of one of the groups of people on this planet. In that vein, I gave myself a name: Fayanora Ahnabahn Tahlahmorgk. At the time, it was a perfectly fitting name. "Fayanora" means "flirtatious," Ahnabahn is kinda like a reverend or a priestess, and "Tahlahmorgk" means "one who loves trees." It's so darned unique, no one else has it, so I started using it for everything. That way, I wouldn't have to remember a whole fuckton of usernames.
Tags: about me, writer's block
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