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The Mask

I was just thinking about the Jim Carrey movie "The Mask." I wondered what would happen if I put that mask on, since - ya know - it unlocks your true self and gives you power at the same time. And decided that for the sake of the world, it should never happen. Best case scenario: a very large explosion as the mask tries to figure out what the fuck is going on in my brain and has a meltdown like the stereotype of making a robot explode by giving it an unsolveable logic problem. The whole city might get vaporized!

Worst case scenario: the mask suppresses everything good in me and I become something that would make Dark Phoenix run screaming in terror from me.

Then again, the mask might just split me into a bunch of different people. Still... not sure I want to find out. And yet another part of me has a strong, perverse NEED to find out what would happen.

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