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Made a card for a friend

This is kind of old news, since I sent the card weeks ago, but I've been meaning to post about it. [profile] christinathena was feeling down, and it was around Yuletide anyway, so I made her a card. It got sent rather later than I would have liked, but oh well. I also sent a gift with it, a bracelet which spells out "You are strong, Christina." I don't have pictures of the bracelet, but I have scanned pics of the card:

Front page:

What you see on the right side when you open it:

Inside left:

Back cover:

The weird symbols on the stone Molly is hiding behind, is what I refer to as a "spell-write," which is basically a written out prayer/spell. Since I can read the characters as well as write in them, I shall tell you what the words spell: "Shao'Kehn, sia Shao'Kehn, Ahnai flo Kriiah Taykwiiah, sahn-ah'iik oy thiiah yihnbahn Christy ehm ulgork kiiliikii, nwoikiss-maak, prosperity, sahn-tahdjah health, veh taekah!!! Sahn-kia, Koh Soh La Kohrain!!!"

Which translates into: "Shao'Kehn, oh Shao'Kehn, Holy in Your Splendor, much-please help my friend Christy to have peace, happiness, prosperity, much-good health, and love!!! Many-thanks, You Are The All!!!"

Also, the bird symbol on the stone is the symbol for Dochrahmahn-Turah, Deity of Speed and Flight. Its presence is to indicate that the blessings I prayed for will be speedy in getting to Christy.

The following versions were made with the help of my graphics tablet and the "tracing paper" function of Corel Painter Essentials 4:

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