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Interesting thought about Death

I was reading a post of a friend, and they mentioned a God of Death for a story they were writing. I had the thought of "Why are Gods of Death almost always portrayed as evil and full of hatred for Life? Why can't they be like a gentle mother who holds souls in Her soft, warm arms to comfort them after the difficulties of life?" Which gave me an idea for a new Joquari Deity. In one of the Mindeodean stories, one called "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star," there is mention of "Mother of the Stars"/"Mother of the Universe." I never did any exposition on this Joquari Goddess, but I always had this image in my mind of a pitch-black Goddess with stars as Her freckles, and nebulae in Her hair.

For the Joquari Goddess of Death, I'm thinking "Granny Grave" or some such. A crone figure, but a warm, loving, nurturing grandmotherly Goddess. Though now I think of it, Joquari don't bury their dead. I'm not sure what they do with their dead; I suspect they might recycle the body, but they might bury their dead in space, or shoot the body at a star.

Other naming possibilities: Moria Mortis, Oma Tod, Jaddalmaw (from Arabic "Jadda al mawt" Jadda = Grandmother, al mawt = death) Oooh, there we are! I like that one, especially since Joquari are like space gypsies, and Egypt's official language is currently Arabic. Jaddalmaw it is! (Fuck grammar! If it's wrong, I don't care; I like this too much.)

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