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Every day around noon, for the last week or two, I've been getting calls from an automated system asking for someone named Chelsea. The only options they gave were essentially "This is Chelsea" and "She's not in right now." The second option just made them call back the next day. I tried the first option... NOTHING. No ringing, no answering, no human. Just silence. It was really pissing me off because it would wake me up, annoy me, and I had no way of putting an end to it.

Then today, just a few minutes ago, they called again; second time in one day. This time it was a human on the other end, thank gods. I gave him an earful about the whole thing, and thankfully he removed my number from the system. At least, so he says. I guess we'll find out tomorrow around noon.

Luckily, this has all been on my landline, and not on my cell.

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