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From Twitter 01-25-2011

  • 03:10:49: From Twitter 01-24-2011
  • 15:03:50: The Panera I go to sometimes for the purpose of writing has gone non-profit and takes donations to feed those in need.
  • 15:04:29: @Daffynitions Artificial intelligence is still intelligence, so it's not something a politician has.
  • 15:05:52: Wow. I actually managed to wake up at noon today. Probably because the computer was off yesterday, and I was reading all day long.
  • 15:06:33: Finished "Darwin's Radio." Ready for "Darwin's Children." Homo Sapiens Novus. So cool.
  • 15:07:49: Homo Sapiens Novus: a new human species capable of multiple streams of communication at once. Can verbally have 2 convos at once...
  • 15:08:42: ...and their melanophores and other facial features allow for a couple other streams of communicaiton.
  • 15:08:55: * communication, that is.
  • 15:09:50: Man, it would be so awesome to witness the birth of a species like that. Did I mention they can speak from the day they're born?
  • 15:11:16: I've done more reading in the last week than I'd done in the month before that. Definetely in a reading cycle. So much more to read, too.
  • 15:11:58: Speaking as someone who has difficulty keeping track of just one conversation, being able to have 4 at once would rock.
  • 15:12:46: It's not that I can't multitask, it's just that my multitasking doesn't work with social stuff.
  • 15:13:26: Well, on to writing now.
  • 15:16:56: Meh. Can't figure out how I want to spell this one character's name. Zyalin, Zyahlihn, ZyAhlihn, whot?
  • 15:17:45: Would help if I knew how it used to be spelled, back when I first came up with the character, over 10 years ago.
  • 15:19:02: Sadly, all my notes are gone. Good that I memorized the whole frakking story, and major characters, or I'd have nothing.
  • 15:20:06: The notes were taken on computer back when I had Frankenputer with Windows 3.1. They're probably be on a 5 inch floppy somewhere. In Iowa.
  • 15:21:15: Frankenputer so named because it was made from pieces by several different companies.
  • 15:22:04: Franky is still alive, AFAIK, just living in Iowa. I wonder if I should have Mom and Dad send him to me.
  • 15:38:14: Help me choose a character name's spelling.
  • 15:41:58: RT @BadriyahZuuey Facebook is like jail, you sit around & waste time, write on walls & get poked by people you don't know!
  • 16:24:18: @WTFSexFacts Maybe s/he means you're charming and well educated?
  • 17:56:15: Goddamn it, been here since 2 and I have maybe 3 paragrpahs added to the story.
  • 23:52:09: 1st 3 hours @ Panera, wrote 3 paragraphs. In the 2 or 3 hours of writing since then (only 1 @ Panera), wrote 3 1/2 PAGES. (Times not exact.)

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