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Everyone has that occasional "If I won the lottery" post.

And this is one of them.

So, if I won the lottery and got, I dunno, $5000 every month for the rest of my life, these are the things I would like:

1. An apartment I can feel more secure in, that doesn't have walls so thin I can hear everything else going on in other apartments.

2. A brand new computer, custom built. It would have four 2-terrabyte drives, a network-attached storage unit for backup, high-end graphics card and sound card with TV etc connections, as much damn RAM as I can get for it, two DVD-RW drives (the kind that can burn on both sides of a disk; one otherwise normal, and the other blu-ray), extra fans for keeping the inside cool, LOTS of USB ports, a brand-new USB printer, and a webcam. It would dual-boot Windows XP and Linux (because Vista sucks and I don't trust Windows 7. That, and I know XP). Also, two liquid-crystal monitors for twice the screen size, decent speakers, ergonomic keyboard and mouse (both wireless), and a recliner that's easy to move around (so I can switch to the recliner when I want to watch

3. One of those high-end fancy Wacom graphics tablets, the one that doubles as a monitor, so it's like drawing right on the screen.

4. Decent high-end digital camcorder that records in multiple formats, and good video-editing program(s).

5. 32 gig or better MP3 player.

6. Brand new Apple laptop, compatible with my graphics tablet(s). (I would probably take the tablet I have now out with me, take a portable printer of some sort, and draw people's portraits for a small fee. I wouldn't need the money, of course, but it would be fun. Or maybe I could do it for free. *Ponders* Nah, people might get suspicious if I did it for free.)

7. An iPad.

8. High end digital still camera.

9. A Blackberry or similar, with monthly charges and all.

10. A new driver's license (currently just have a non-driver ID) and one of those neat little electric cars I see around town sometimes.

11. A hand-held GPS unit. (And another for Lilla.)

12. A fucking dishwasher. And an extra freezer.

13. A bunch of clothes that are currently too expensive for me. Mostly Goth and Gothic Lolita stuff. But also some ren-faire type stuff as well.

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